Category C Prisons- CAT C PRISON

Cat C Prison

Category C Prison

Category C Prisons or Cat C Prisons as they are often referred to are prisons for lower profile prisoners. Officially Cat C Prisons “Those who cannot be trusted in open conditions but who are unlikely to try to escape”.

When you first get to prison, if you are not initially a cat A prisoner which is normally for those who are being tried or convicted for murder, manslaughter, wounding with intent, rape, indecent assault, robbery, firearms or supplying class A Drugs, you should initially be categories and land in a Cat B prison.

Cat C and Cat B Prisoners will have their categorisation reviewed on an annual basis if the sentence is over 4 years. For those with sentences between 12 months and 4 years will have theirs reviews every 6 months.

Category C Prison

Category C Prison

How to get to a cat C prison?

Considerations of how the prisoner risk is now deemed to when they first were categorised combined with how they have conducted themselves within the prison since arrival will count towards getting a lower categorisation.

If they have actively participated in relevant courses set on their sentence plan, how they have held applied themselves within education or job placement within the prison. Most importantly, the prisoner needs to be deemed less of a risk to the public or are considered less likely to make an attempt to escape, then they can be deemed a Cat C Status. If it is the opposite then their categorisation can also go the opposite from cat B to cat A for example.

Why its better at a Category C prison than a Category B Prison?

There is less restrictions at a CAT C Prison and you will find less bang up time than a Cat B prison. There should also be less hassle at cat C prisons seen as the people have been vetted or proved their worth to be at a Cat C Prison. It is also a good natural stepping stone to get to a CAT D prison which is an open prison and a lot more privileges.

ROTL: Some CAT C Prisons offer ROTL from the prison, this can be Day Release, Child Resettlement Licence and even an SPL for emergencies