Court to prison

When happens from court to prison?

Court to prison

Court to Prison.

Court To Prison – What happens from Court To Prison?

Its a daunting time, the fear of the unknown and once youve been sentenced what happens from court to prison?

Once you have been sentenced you will be led into the holding cells, usually by handcuffs so if you haven’t been handcuffed before, prepare for that part. Also bear in mind, whatever you get sentenced, for example in my case I got 5 years, you serve half in prison, so I served 2 and a half years. If they sentence is under 4 years, you can apply to get a HDC/Tag, which you serve the last 4 and a half months on tag outside of prison.

If you don’t know which prison you could be heading to, most courts feed into the same prison which is local to the court, if you are unsure, call the court before hand and ask which prison they feed into.

Once you’ve been checked in, your possessions and money are counted and put into clear bags for them to put onto the Serco Van and go with you to the Prison. If you are one of the first hearings, expect a little wait as they fill the van before setting off for prison. I was in at 10am and didn’t get to the prison until the evening.

Court To Prison

Court to Prison

It will feel like your world has been turned upside down, IT HAS! But don’t be afraid to knock the door down of the holding cell if you want water, toilet (if your s doesn’t have one) or anything else to make your time more pleasant, that’s what they are there for, to keep you safe in custody, so use them!

The Sweat Box which is the Serco big white meat wagon that they use to deliver fresh prisoners into prison is your next destination. Once all the holding cells are full and you will be led onto the van. It’s like sitting in a small white telephone box with the door locked before you.

The feeling of knowing where your going is overwhelming, but it’s like getting a plaster ripped off. Prison is now inevitable so get there and get comfortable, trust me, once you’ve got your first night over and done with and you’ve survived, it will all fall into place. Also, by the time you get to prison, checked in and go through reception and all the checks, you will be that knackered you will be craving a prison bed!

The windows of the Serco van are tinted purple/pink and no one can see you sat inside although you’ll probably feel like the world is looking at you right now, there may be a lot of shouting going on from other people locked in the van with you, don’t worry they aren’t going anywhere and are probably just as nervy as you. A lot of people overcome their fear with bravado! Don’t let it intimidate you.


The journey will feel like a lifetime and a flash all at the same time as the reality kicks in and your mind will be working a million miles an hour, but it will dawn you’ve arrived when you see the big gloomy prison gates open and the van starts parking up.

Reception is your next destination, they will confirm your details at a police style counter and then, unfortunately the next location will be a holding room. It will be grim, a lot of undesirable people, junkies, people talking a load of crap, about their cases and the injustice and you’ll wonder what type of world you’ve been thrown into with people tweaking everywhere.

A lot of these people in the holding cell are probably prison pro’s and have been in and out of prison all their life, so they know the score, the officers and will push to get processed first so they can get in and get on with their prison life and finding their next fix. Leave them to it, they will soon be gone. You will probably get asked the same question over and over, what you in for, what sentence did you get and what court, it just seems to be the way of people making conversation in their time of despair. At the end of the day, your all in the same boat now regardless of crime.

Everyone is called up one at a time to have photos taken for their Prison ID, again to go through property and then to get your prison clothing and bedding.

Strip searched, upon entry to the prison, you will be required to remove your clothing and do a twirl to show you aren’t hiding any illegal items. It’s a big business inside prison! You may also be required to sit on a chair which can see inside if you are concealing anything. Its degrading at first, but don’t forget they’ve probably seen all shapes, colours and sizes and it’s their requirement, they probably don’t want to see it as much as you don’t want to. You’ll also have to get used to it as it more than likely won’t be the first time your required to show your wedding tackle!

Next it’s off to see the medical team, they will assess your health, any medication requirements and check your wellbeing. If you have any religious, dietary or medication needs, this is probably the best time to mention it as they can get the wheels in motion.

An officer will collect you and ask if you require a Smokers or Non Smokers Welcome Pack. The smokers one will contain a vapes, the non-smokers will be items such as tea, biscuits, milk and chocolate. It’s around £5 and will come out of your account. My suggestion is to take it as at least you have something to keep you going.

That whole process pretty much takes you right up to the point where they then allocate you your first cell and cell mate. This is what you will be going through from court to prison. By the time this is all done, you will be thankful for a bed for the night as it is a mentally draining day so be prepared for a long drawn out day.