Downview Prison

Downview Prison

Downview Prison is a closed Womens prison, has a capacity of 355 and is located in Surrey. It was originally a male cat C prison in 1989 but after a refurbishment in may 2016, it is now a female closed prison as part of the London region HMP estates.

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Accomodation at Downview prison:

  • A wing – reception/induction, single floor with 43 rooms.
  • B wing – methadone maintenance, single floor with 47 rooms.
  • C wing – 210 rooms over four floors (North and South)
  • C wing 1 and 2 North  drug recovery landings.
  • C wing 1 and 2 South, mainly occupied by workers.
  • C wing 3 landings North and South, women on the standard level of IEP
  • C wing 4 landings North and South, women on the enhanced level of IEP
  • D wing – the resettlement wing comprised of 40 rooms occupied by women on the enhanced level of IEP.
  • The segregation unit,  adjacent to B wing has 7 cells

Downview Prison Contact Details

HMP Downview Prison Address:
Sutton Lane, Sutton, Surrey SM2 5PD
Downview Prison Contact Details

Downview Prison Telephone Number: 020 8196 6300

Downview Prison Visits


What are the Visiting Booking Times at HMP Downview Prison?

To book a visit at Downview prison you willl need to call the visits line on 020 8196 6359 10:00-14:00 weekdays.
You can book a visit someone in Downview prison on one of 3 days a week. Thursday, Saturday and Sunday between 2-4pm

What do i need to bring to a visit at Downview Prison?
Visitors may identify themselves using one of the following:

  • passport, including foreign passports, and time expired passports where the
    photograph is still recognisable;
  • identity card;
  • driving licence;
  • benefits book;
  • senior citizen’s public transport photo pass issued by local authority;
  • employer’s or student ID card but only if this clearly shows the name of the
    visitor and the employer or educational establishment, and has a photograph
    or signature which can be compared with the visitor’s appearance or signature,
    and if the Foreign Nationals identity cardIf the visitor is unable to produce one of the above, staff may accept combinations of
    two or more of the following:
  • birth/marriage certificate;
  • cheque book or credit/debit card (counts as one: do not accept as two);
  • employer’s pass or ID or student ID card not acceptable under 4vi above;
  • young person’s ‘proof of age’ card;
  • trade union or National Students’ Union membership card;
  • rent book;
  • foreign identity or residents’ card (other than EC ID cards acceptable in their own right);
Downview Prison

What are the Directions to Downview Prison? How to get there?
If you are coming by train to downview prison, your nearest station is Morden on the Northern Line or Sutton Station. If you are planning on getting the bus to the prison, take a #80 bus to Downview Prison.

If you are coming by car, M25: Junction 8, follow A217 (Sutton) through Burgh Heath, Go onto Winkworth Road, 2nd Roundabout turn left onto Sutton Lane. Its about a minutes drive down the road.

From London, Wandsworth Bridge, follow A214 southwards to Tooting Bec, right onto A24 westwards to Tooting Broadway, Left onto A217, A217 turn left onto Winkworth Road, 2nd Roundabout turn left onto Sutton Lane. Its about a minutes drive down the road.


Is there car parking at Downview Prison?
Yes, The car park situated on left past the prison