Fone Savvy – How does Fone Savvy Work?

Fone Savvy - How does Fone Savvy Work?

Fone Savvy

What is Fone Savvy? Fone savvy or phone savvy as its mistakenly spelt is a service setup by a former prisoner to offer a service to enable prisoners to pay less when calling a mobile phone telephone number from a prison phone. This is acheived by masking the mobile number with a landline number.

This means that you can call your family or friends on their mobile but instead of paying mobile phone costs, the fone savvy service allows you to only pay landline costs. Prison Guide also offer the same service, however, we offered unlimited calls and do not charge the call receiver to receive the prisoners callers. You can sign up for the unlimited prisonguide phone package here:

The phone savvy, fone savvy and also the prison guide unlimited phone call package allows you the opportunity to save upto 75% of your prison phone call costs, its about 16p or above per minute to call a mobile number from a prison telephone which means the prisoner will be constantly topping up their prison phone to be able to make calls.

By just paying one monthly fee on our prison phone call package, the prisoner can stop paying extortionate mobile phone call costs and only pay landline prices.



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Fone Savvy

How it works?

You will be allocated a landline number, when called, it will direct the call straight to your mobile phone. The prisoner adds the landline telephone number to their allocated telephone numbers at the prison. When they call it, they will pay landline prices and the call will go straight to your mobile phone without you having to download any other apps or change handsets etc.

How does fone savvy work?
After paying an initial setup fee, fone savvy will provide you a landline and then you have to purchase calling credit to receive the call from the prisoner.

Our package at prisonguide is unlimited, this means that all you need to pay is one set fee, no topping up costs. You can sign up here:


How does a prisoner top up their phone credit?

If they have money sent in, either they add it on their canteed sheet or if there is a kiosk system at the prison, they can request a set amount to be allocated onto their prison phone. The prisoner earns money each day based on the work that they do inside the prison or the set 50p a day amount that the prisoner gives the prison for being inside. They then get a dropdown based on the funds that they have sent into the prison. The maximum that the prisoner can have per week is around £25

A big portion of this is usually spent on telephone calls leaving less for the prisoner to spend on themselves and on food to suplement what they get given by the prsion. The unlimited prison package that we offer will really help them keep more of their own money to buy things they need whilst inside rather than having to spend the money on the telephone, especially mobile phone calls.

Whether you choose fone savvy, phone savvy or our unlimited prison call package, it really is beneficial and helping the prisoner not having to pay the full mobile phone call costs whilst inside prison