Ford Prison

Ford Prison Information

Ford prison, based in Arundel West Sussex is a CAT D Open prison. This means that the doors are not locked and realistically, the prisoners can walk out the gates at any time. The prison is run as part of the HMPPS estate in Ford. Its classed as a working prison where the prisoners are required to perform some type of job whether  it be a cook, cleaner, orderly or get a job with a local company to prepare for release.

Visits at Ford Prison are better and more relaxed than other category prisons as the security and risk is lower. Being an open prison also means the inmates get a chance at leaving the prison once a month on an RDR Or ROR as part of a ROTLS which is release on temporary licence. RDR is day release upto 12 hours. ROR is overnight release which would allow the prisoner upto 5 days out of the prison.

Contact Information

Prison Address:

HMP Ford
West Sussex
BN18 0BX

Telephone Number:


Parking Information:

There is ample parking across the road 

Book a visit

How to Book a prison visit: Firstly, You can book a prison visit online through HMPPS: Click here

Secondly, How to get to Ford?: You can get to the Prison Via Train, With the nearest train station Ford Train Station, It would take a good 15 minutes walk.

Because of the remote location of the prison, The Prison often supply a shuttle bus to the train station, therefore it might be worth making checks with the prison to see if this is running is you are planning on getting there via train.

The Prison does have quite a few facilities on site including its own nursery (flowers and plants), industrial laundry and gym. There are various jobs for the prisoners to do at Ford Prison as it is classed as a ‘working prison’, therefore all the inmates are required to do some form of job unless medically able to.

Jobs include cooking, cleaning, gardening, rubbish disposal, orderly roles, library, induction and even gym staff.

Download the Prison Survival Guide: If you are due to go to Prison or currently have someone you know inside Prison, You may benefit from reading our comprehensive Prison Guide: Click here to download

If you are looking to park at ford prison, there is plenty of parking spaces directly across the road from Ford Prison. There is also a free shuttle bus service on visiting days from the train station. Contact Ford Prison prior to your arrival to confirm that the shuttle bus is operational.