Fraud Prison UK

Fraud Prison

Fraud Prison

People who have committed ‘White Collar Crimes’ such as Fraud, Money Laundering, Tax Fraud or False Representation or Even Dishonest Representation could end up in a Fraud Prison or White Collar Prison. Get Your Ultimate Prison Guide Here

Going to Prison due to Fraud is like any other conviction, there are no special privileges because the crime is ‘less serious or nonviolent’ or because it’s a ‘white collar crime’. The ‘Fraud Prison’ is the same HMP Prison that you would go to if it was a drug related crime or assault conviction etc.

There are many types of Prison in the UK and depending on where you are sentenced for the Fraud at court will depend on which prison you end up in. As an overview, you will go to the ‘Local Prison’ to where the court is situated. If this is not near where you live, you can request a prison transfer, but do not expect this process to be quick. Like with everything in prison, it goes at a snails pace.

The Prison you end up in, also depends on what category you’ve been given as a prisoner, for example, most serious male prisoners will be given a category A rating. Category B Prisoners: “Those who do not require maximum security, but for whom escape needs to be made very difficult like”. Category C Prisoners are “Those who cannot be trusted in open conditions but who are unlikely to try to escape” and Finally Category D Prisoners: “Those who can be reasonably trusted not to try to escape, and are given the privilege of an open prison.”

Fraud Prison

Fraud Prison

If the Fraud is literally just money orientated then you should be able to progress through the category ranks pretty quickly but due to the waiting list for Category D prisons it can take upto 6 months to get transferred to an Open Cat D Prison.

I know that you will feel alone going into prison as a ‘White Collar’ or Professional or that you will stick out like a sore thumb. Don’t worry, there are many people in Prison that have been convicted of Fraud charges or Money Laundering. Not everyone is like the stereotype prisoner that you see in movies.

If you are looking for information about Prison due to Fraud then let me help you. Ive been in your shoes, you can read about my story here. I offer a variety of services to answer all of your questions if you are going to be facing prison due to fraud, money laundering, tax or other white collar crime. Check out my services here

I honestly thought that going to prison due to fraud that i would stick out like a sore thumb, there are others in prison that are there due to Fraud and white collar crimes. You will normally find you resonate towards each other and, because your not gang related, trouble normally steers clear of you.

Ive compiled a prison guide which, if this is the first time you are going to prison due to fraud or money laundering, you will find it extremely beneficial. The link is above or click on the image for the guide to instantly download.

You will also find a lot of people that are in prison due to money laundering, the experience doesnt change if you are in prison due to fraud, money laundering or even if you are a drug dealer, we are all in the same boat, even though it may take a while to get used to that, although you may find Money Laundering a less serious crime than knife robbery for example, you all end up in the same place. Read about benefit fraud HERE