Initial Prison Phone Call

First Prison Phone Call

Initial Prison Call

Initial Prison Phone Call

Initial Prison Phone Call – First phone call in Prison

Once you get to prison, no doubt the first thing that you will want to do is make your initial phone call to either your loved ones, family or friends. You’ve probably waved goodbye to your family and friends at court, or maybe they don’t even know that you are now in prison. So how do you make the first prison call to them to let them know?

To ensure you make the most our of your first prison phone call – Ensure that you take a list of number or memorise the number that you want to call straight away. When you get to prison they will give you an a telephone pin topped up with emergency phone credit. This is normally around £5 worth of credit, if you are calling a mobile, this doesn’t last long so make it count!

Try make the initial prison phone call productive and let the other person know exactly what you need whether its for money to be put into your account through or sending in clothes, paperwork, list of numbers, tell them your prison number, which prison you are at and then get them to book their first prison visit.

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Initial Prison Phone Call

How do you make your initial prison call? There should be phones on every wing, when you get unlocked for S&Ds you will be able to use your pin then the number that you need to call. If you are lucky, you might have a prison phone in your in your cell.

After the credit has run out, you will probably get a couple of minutes on the phone, you will need to top up your prison phone credit, you can do this with the funds that get sent into your prison fund account. You either top up via the canteen sheet or on the electronic screens once your funds have cleared.