Leicester Probation Office

The Leicester Probation Office provides crucial services to individuals on probation within Leicester and the surrounding areas. As part of the probation service network, this office is instrumental in managing and rehabilitating offenders in the community, helping them reintegrate into society. The Leicester Probation Office works with various local agencies to offer support and supervision to offenders, ensuring compliance with court orders and promoting public safety.

Leicester Probation Office Contact Details

For those needing to get in touch with the Leicester Probation Office, here are the contact details:

  • Leicester Probation Office Address: Leicester Probation Office, 8 Friar Lane, Leicester, LE1 5RA

  • Leicester Probation Office Telephone Number: 0116 248 6600

Leicester Probation Office

Leicester Probation Office Opening Times, Parking, and Further Information

  • Opening Times: The Leicester Probation Office is open from Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. It is closed on weekends and public holidays.

  • Parking: Limited parking is available near the office. It is advisable to use public transport or nearby public parking facilities.

  • How to Get There: The office is easily accessible by public transport. It is situated close to Leicester city center, with several bus routes stopping nearby. The Leicester train station is also within walking distance, providing convenient access for those traveling by train.

What Areas Does Leicester Probation Office Cover?

The Leicester Probation Office covers a range of areas within and around Leicester. These areas include:

  • Leicester City

  • Oadby

  • Wigston

  • Blaby

  • Lutterworth

  • Market Harborough

This broad coverage ensures that individuals across the region receive consistent and effective probation services.

Problems, Complaints, and Prison Recalls

If you encounter any issues or need to make a complaint about the services provided by the Leicester Probation Office, you can contact them directly using the provided telephone number. For emergencies or urgent concerns, particularly relating to prison recalls, it’s important to act promptly:

  • Emergency Contact: In the case of an immediate issue or breach of probation conditions, contact the police or the Leicester Probation Office as soon as possible.

  • Complaints Procedure: To lodge a formal complaint, you can call the office or send a written complaint to the Leicester Probation Office address. Ensure you provide detailed information to help resolve the issue effectively.

What Region is the Leicester Probation Office?

The Leicester Probation Office is part of the East Midlands region. The regional structure ensures that probation services are coordinated efficiently across a larger geographic area.

  • Regional Director: Martin Davies is the Director for the East Midlands region. For regional concerns or escalations, you can contact him at [email protected].

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