North Liverpool Probation Centre

The North Liverpool Probation Centre serves the community by providing supervision and rehabilitation services to offenders. Located on Cheadle Avenue in the Old Swan area of Liverpool, this facility is part of the larger network of probation services in the North West region of England. It operates with the goal of reducing reoffending and helping individuals reintegrate into society.

North Liverpool Probation Centre Contact Details

North Liverpool Probation Centre
Cheadle Avenue, Old Swan
Liverpool, Merseyside, L13 3AE

Telephone Number:
0151 254 7100

Email Address:
If available, the email can be used for official correspondence related to probation matters.

North Liverpool Probation Centre Entrance

North Liverpool Probation Centre Opening Times, Parking and Further Probation Office Information

The North Liverpool Probation Centre is open Monday to Sunday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM, excluding bank holidays when it is closed. While the centre itself does not provide visitor parking, there are local car parks and street parking options available nearby. The facility is accessible, welcoming those with disabilities and includes features like disabled toilets and hearing enhancement facilities available by prior arrangement​​.

What areas do North Liverpool Probation Centre cover?

The North Liverpool Probation Centre provides probation services to the North Liverpool area, focusing on the rehabilitation and supervision of offenders within the local community. This coverage is crucial for the integration and monitoring of individuals serving various community orders or released on license.

Problems, Complaints and Prison Recalls

For emergencies, such as recalls to prison, the North Liverpool Probation Centre offers direct contact methods to address urgent issues. Complaints can be directed to their office, and if unresolved, escalated to the HM Prison and Probation Service. This ensures that any issues are adequately addressed and managed promptly.

Regional Information

The North Liverpool Probation Centre falls under the North West region within the UK’s probation services structure. The regional director for the North West is Andrea Bennett, who can be contacted for region-specific inquiries or issues at [email protected]. This contact information is vital for addressing broader regional issues or feedback about probation services.

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