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Prison Help

Prison Help

Prison Help – We can offer you the prison help that you need to make sure that your Prison Journey is as smooth as possible. Our prison help comes from ex-prisoners who have walked a mile in your shoes so know exactly what your feeling, what to expect and what to advice you so that you are prepared for prison. You will also benefit from our prison help guide here

If you are after other types of prison help, for example mental health, legal advice or addiction, you may want to click here for a list of prison charities.

At Prison Guide, we are here to help guide you through the process of prison. Give you information on what it is like to have your first cell mate, going into the prison yard for the first time or using the prison showers. Although facing prison can be a lonely road to trave, you dont need to go it alone. Our prison help will give you all the information, advice and knowledge that you need so that when and if you do finally go to prison, you will know exactly what to expect, have inside information and help you survive prison.

We do offer a tailored prison help service with our Prison Consultation package, Click here


Prison Help
Prison Help

Prison Help

Prison Help: What is prison like?

Above all else, prison is boring, mundane and each day feels like groundhogs day. It can be loud, smelly, lonely and frustrating. If you are used to getting things done then it may take you a little while to climatise to the slow pace of prison. Its like having your hands tied, everything is completely out of your control.

Prison Help: How safe is prison?

Prison is really, as safe as you make it. If you go looking for trouble, it will find you no problems at all. If you keep your head down and do your own time, you should come away unscathed. Dont borrow, dont steal, dont be in debt and dont get into anyone elses business or arguments.

Prison Help: Cell mates

The prison officers try to make their life easier by pairing you with someone that you may be compatible with, obviously its not always possible. You can always politely ask the officers if you are having trouble with your cell mate or it is just unbareable. It can take a while to get used to a routine of 2 people in such a confined space, habits, personalities and quirks. But it is something you have to get used to pretty quick as it will happen multiple times over during your prison stay.


Prison Help: Murderers

You will more than likely come across people that have killed people in prison, its part and parcel of where you are. Dont worry though, as soon as the cell doors open they arent going on a killing spree. Usually theyve made a mistake, moment of madness or are quite remorseful after spending a long time in prison and just want to do their lengthy time and get out. Fresh ones are normally in a secluded vunerable prisoner wing away from the general population anyway.

Prison Help: Getting raped in the showers

Its a misconception, not saying it doesnt happen, but i think the stereotype is more American than English prisons. I hadnt come across such incident in my whole prison sentence. Most are curtious when using the showers and respect each others privacy