Prison Information

Prison Information

Prison Information

Prison Information, are here to give you all the prison information and advice that you need so that you are fully prepared for prison. This website is full of prison information compiled by ex-prisoners. If you need to speak to an ex-prison you can utilize our prison consultation service to get all the prison information that you need to survive prison.

You can download our prison survival guide here

Prison Information: If you are looking for contact details or the prison address, we have compiled a database with all the prison information that you need including directions, how to book visits and the address of the prison. If you go to the top of this website there is a whole list of all HMP Prisons in the UK.

If you are a first time prisoner and looking for more information on what prison is like then you have come to the right place. Prison can be a scary and daunting place. More than likely you will already have your own stereotypes of what prison will be like. We are here to dispell the myths of prison and give you factual prison information.

Prison, mainly is majorly boring. Yes it can be a big scary place but if you play it smart, you will come out the other side unscathed. Trouble doesnt really come looking for you in prison, most people get themselves into hot water. If you dont steal, borrow or get into debt or have any gang issues previous to prison, then you should be able to keep your head down and just get on with doing your time.


Prison Information
Prison information

Prison Information

The best prison information that i could give you is keep yourself to yourself. These people are not your friends, you need to do your own prison sentence, not get involved in other peoples issues and try to make it to the otherside as trouble free as possible. You may feel like you are the only person going through this experience, but there will be others like you inside, you will find you resonate towards each other anyway as you try and navigate your way through your sentence.

When you get to prison, you will be put on an induction wing, remember, all these people are fresh to prison too so you are all in the same boat. It will be noisy, smelly and a shock to the senses. You will get used to it and it will get better. There will be a lot of door banging, scavaging and people will offer you everything left right and centre. Mobiles, drugs and other illicit items, just politely decline. You will soon be moved to a more settled wing so just grin and bare it.

The other issue apart from boredom, is the inability to do anything quick or get any quick answers. Everything moves slowly in prison so getting used to having so much time to kill is tough. Just relax, its out of your control now so you have time to kill so go with it. Soon you will get used to the politics and frustration that prison brings.


Try and prepare your family for the lack of contact to begin with as you try and get money on your phone, how to get post in and out and whilst they book their first visit. You may benefit from reading our prison guide here: PRISON GUIDE

The horror stories of rape in the showers and being shacked up with a murderer is rare too. Everyone else is just as cautious of going in the showers at first, most on my induction wing showered with their boxers on. The officers are also cautious of who they put in with each other to make their job easier as well as safety.

The yard was also another one of my worries. I entered it for the first time cautiously, all nationalities seem to cling together and apart from it being weird that everyone circles the yard in an anticlockwise manner, nothing too exciting happens. Rip the plaster off as soon as you get there as you need to get used to it as fresh air will do you the world of good after being locked up in your cell for so long.

Prison information regarding food: Food is grim, tasteless and small portions. Id suggest ordering some staple items from the canteen and also things like salt and sauce make the prison food more plateable. Gone are the days of bread and porridge, thing bad hospital food. You get to choose your meals a week in advance.

If you would like more prison information then you could benefit from our prison consultation service here: CLICK HERE