Prison Medication

How to get prescribed medication in prison

Prison Medication

Prison Medication

Prison Medication – How to get the right medication in prison.

To get access to prison medication, as soon as you arrive to prison you will be assessed and checked into prison. You will also have a screening process from a member of the medical staff, normally NHS nurse or doctor working at the prison. Make it known about any prescription medication requirements, mental health and dietary requirements.

Notes will be added on your system and they should be able to cater to any medical needs.

How do you get access to your medication whilst been locked up in prison?

Any of your prescribed medication that needs to be taken at specific times throughout the day you will get access to whilst in prison. You will be added to the ‘unlock list’ for medication serving times. You will be unlocked and required to attend the ‘Meds Hatch’ which is like an ice cream counter for prescribed drugs. You will show your prison ID card and you will be required to take your medication infront of the the dispenser behind the counter. This saves people taking them back to the wing and selling them on for profit or trades.

Prison Medication
Prison Medication

Prison Medication

What happens if you are ill in prison?

If it is something simple like you have a headache and need paracetamol or backpain and require ibuprofen, there are certain times when the medication hatch is open during S&D’s. 

You will be required to que, provide your prison ID, state the requirement and if it is over the counter prescribed medication, they should be able to give it to you there and then.

How to see a doctor or get something on prescription?

If you have a medical problem or develop a medical issue whilst inside prison and need something that you would normally get from the pharmacy whilst in prison, you need to put in an application to see a doctor or nurse. 

This isnt a quick process, depending on the waiting time and how serious the issue is, you may be waiting weeks sometimes to finally see someone.

However, when we eventually do, the room where you see the doctor or nurse from the NHS is no different from that of your local doctors. They will provide you the same service as you would if you werent a prisoner. You will be offered the same privacy and discression as you would your own doctor. State the issue, they will prescribe what is required and you will collect a few days after from the meds hatch or when a slip comes under your prison door to tell you your medication is ready to collect.

How to see optician or dentist whilst in prison?

Due to the sheer amout of people in prison, the waiting list to see a dentist or optician can be lengthy. If your issue an emergency you will be prioritised. However, if, for example you have a hole in your tooth and need something more serious like a route canal. They will do a temp fix, then you will be added to a waiting list to get the issue fixed. Sometimes i can be upto 20 weeks waiting list for a dentist or upto 10 weeks for an optician.

My advice is take a few pairs of glasses and try get any dental work complete before you go to prison (if you know youre heading that way that is)

Mental health in prison

There are avenues for mental health issues in prison, but like anything, there is a big waiting list due to the volume of people suffering with mental health due to drug issues and life issues which has resulted them in prison. Then also the fact of prison itself and being cut off from the outside world causing mental health issues. Speak to a member of the health care team whilst in prison and you will get access to the same NHS services that you would on the outside.