We can offer you a tailored Prison Preparation Service to give you all the information that you need to know before going to prison. Our prison preparation service will guide you from start to finish so that you can go survive your prison sentence.

I know from previous experience that the thought of Prison can be the most terrifying thought and one of the most loneliest feelings. In my social circle i had no one that could give me any support, advice or information on Prison, only stereotypes and myths. I pledged to myself, once I had completed my sentence i would provide a service to help people exactly like me, who find themselves in unfamiliar territory and nowhere to turn. Get prison Prepared with a prison preparation service. I would have benefitted from this greatly before i went to prison!

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You must have a million and one questions, What is prison like? Whats your first cell mate going to be like? What are other prisoners like? What do you do all day in prison? What do you eat? How to take a shower? How to get moved to a different prison? Prisoner categorization? Will i be in with Murderers, Pedophiles and Rapists?.. The list is endless and thats why i decided to offer a prison consultation service. Having spent 2 and a half years behind bars, 3 years on bail and a 2 month trial, i have experienced it so i can give you the best advice based on what ive been through. Get our prison preparation package

Prison Preparation Package: This package is suitable for a first time prisoner looking for prison information, prison advice and support on going to prison. Get to speak to a recent ex-prisoner, an individual who has served a 5 year sentence, get ongoing support and advice for the family. Know exactly what to expect if you are facing prison, what to take with you, how to hold yourself in prison, what to eat, canteen, shower etiquette, what other inmates are like, let me clear up the myths and stereotypes so that you are prepared for Prison in a HMP establishment in the UK. Get access to all the prison documentation that you need so that you know how to write general apps, complaints, Comp1s, Comp2, DIRF’s, ROTL forms and what you need to do to ultimately get to an Open Condition CatD prison.

Court & Trial Support: Included in this package is information and advice on what to expect at court and what its like to be on trial. Speak to an individual who was on a 2 month trial at Southwark Crown Court, What to expect on the stand, what to expect from the prosecutors, being in a court room, being on stand and cross examination and what its like to get a guilty verdict and sentencing. I will also be available to you throughout your trial should you need to ask for my advice or support (non legal matters).

Prison Support Throughout Your Sentence: Continuous support once you have gone to prison. You will be given a dedicated support line that you can add to your prison phone numbers. You can continue to ask questions and for advice throughout your sentence. If you get into any trouble i can give advice on adjudications, transferring prisons, sentence plan, categorizations and help you with trying to get to Open conditions, CatD.

Family Support Throughout Your Sentence: Your family serve the same sentence as you, but on the outside of the prison walls. Give them the continuous support that they need. How to get cheaper prison mobile calls, how to book visits, how to send money to a prisoner, how to deal with children and your absence. They can also get unlimited support from us throughout your stay in a HMP establishment through either phone or email.

Heres what i can offer:

  • 1Hr Video Face to Face Consultation From A Recent Ex-Prisoner
  • Pre-Prison Advice
  • Pre-Prison Family Support
  • Court Information
  • Trial Information
  • Ongoing Support Throughout your trial
  • Unlimited Email Support
  • Official Prison Documentation & Forms
  • Prison Support Throughout your sentence
  • Dedicated Prisoner Support Advice Line
  • CatC Prison Advice
  • CatB Prison Advice
  • CatD Open Prison Support
  • Family Support Throughout Your Prison Sentence