Prison ROTL – Release on temporary licence

Prison ROTL

Prison ROTL

Prison ROTL is release on temporary licence. This means the prisoner will be able to leave the prison, temporarily for home resettlement and other beneficial activities which are aimed at helping the prisoner prepare for release.

A Prison ROTL could include looking for work, a place to stay on release, because a family member is ill, to attend a funeral and even see children if you are a sole carer of a child.

Not everyone will be eligible for ROTL. This is considered by OMU and the police. It all boils down to risk factors.

People who will not be eligible for ROTL include CAT A prisoners, people on the escape list or who have absconded from prison previously on other sentences. People on remand or unsentenced, sentenced but further charges pending and those held on behalf of the international residual mechanism for criminal tribunals.

There are 2 types of ROTL. Day release and overnight release. These ROTLs are called RDR and ROR. Once you land in an category D prison, you will be immediately eligible for RDR, Day release subject to sentence planning and assessment.

If you are in closed conditions, you may be eligible for RDR towards the end of your sentence if you are eligible for standard RDR licence conditions. This means you’ve served half of your custodial sentence or within 24 months left of your effective release date.

ROTL Prison

Prison ROTL


To bet ROTL you must be in either a CAT C or CAT D prison and the prison must offer ROTL procedures. Not all prisons are setup to be able to facilitate ROTL proceedings. CAT A and CAT B prisoners will be able to access ROTLS.

You are usually offered 2 RDRs a month or a maximum of 5 days 4 nights on ROR to a fixed address agreed by OMU before you proceed on the ROR. Don’t think you start straight away on the maximum of 5 days out the prison. This could start from 3 days 2 nights and work up to the maximum based on the success of previous ROTLs and your time keeping to hand yourself back into prison at the end of your licence period.

Other types of ROTL licence include SPL licence and CRL Licence. The SPL is a special purpose licence for things like court proceedings, funerals, medical treatment outside the prison or a marriage.

CRL which stands for child resettlement licence is for people that are a sole carer for a child under 18 years of age. . You can apply for this at any part of your sentence.

CRL can be taken a maximum of one day per week including one period of overnight release per 28 days. The overnight release can be up to four nights.