Prison Showers – What is the prison shower like

Prison Showers - What is the prison shower like

Prison Showers – What is it like in the Prison Shower? Taking a shower in prison is probably one of the most nerving things to do. The stereotypes, stories and unmanned area just sent shivvers down my spine. However, Taking a shower in prison isnt as scary as you see in the films.

In the induction unit, the showers were all open, like you would find at an old swimming pool or campsite where it was communal. They are normally a dirty place and prepared to queue for a shower. People were just as nervous as I was walking into the shower for the first time.

It was one of them stereotypes that, if I was going to get raped in prison, the showers were the ideal place. I have to tell you; I came away from my prison journey unraped. Even in the induction unit, people were just as nervous about it as I was and majority showered in their boxers and gave them a good wash at the same time.


Prison Showers - What is the prison shower like

As you progress through the prison system, other wings have barn doors on the showers to hide your modesty.

Due to most of the prison estate being of Victorian Era or just dilapidated, a lot of the showers have 2 modes, hot or cold, cold usually being the more regular of temperatures.

The showers are filthy too, when people have finished with their shampoo bottle or shower gel, instead of putting them in the bin, they just throw them on the floor. The prison also issue sachets of shower gel and shampoo which are littered around you as you shower. This is why it is a good idea to take flip-flops into the shower with you, I never showered barefoot.

Barely any incidents happened in the shower apart from people getting irate of people taking too long in the shower or having to wait in the queue for ages.



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