Prison Survival Tips


Prison Survival Tips

Prison Survival Guide, Here are our best prison survival tips to get through a prison sentence unscathed and unharmed. Click here to download your Prison Survival Guide

Here is My Prison Survival Guide: Keep yourself to yourself! Its as simple as that. If you just keep your head down, be polite, friendly and dont get involved in the prison politics then you should be absolutely fine. If you follow this advice then the biggest killer you’ll have to deal with is Boredom!

More Prison Survival Tips: To be able to survive prison you just need to do your own time. Getting involved in gangs, drugs or debt is a quick sure fire way to do the opposite of trying to survive a prison sentence.

When i say keep yourself to yourself, this doesn’t mean to not get involved on the wings. To be able to survive prison you also need to keep yourself occupied.  Survival in prison also helps if you have a good select few people round you, maybe some other like minded prisoners that you can speak to during unlock S&D times. It also shows that (even if you are) your not afraid to come out of your cell and mingle on the landings.

Keep your head up, to survive prison, you cant show weakness so walking round with your head down or never coming out your cell is highlighting yourself that you are weak and could soon become prey for someone who may want to take advantage for a variety of reasons.


Prison Survival Tips

Prison Survival Tips

Prison is a wash with drugs. My advice to survive prison is DO NOT GET INVOLVED! Prescription medication, spice and other drugs are easily available and you will more than likely be offered these within the first few hours of prison as other prisoners are quick to try and make a profit to try and survive themselves. Just politely say no and send them packing. Remember, this is your sentence that you want to survive and no one elses so dont feel pressured into doing things that dont fit into your own moral compass.

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