Werrington Prison Cheaper Telephone Calls Package

Original price was: £24.99.Current price is: £22.00. / month

Unlimited Calls To Your Mobile Phone*
Never miss The Werrington Prison Phone call again!
We will have you setup within 1 working hour. Get unlimited calls to your mobile, never have to top up your side and prisoner just pays the cheaper landline rate to save on extortionate mobile phone costs. Save on Werrington Prison Phone Call Credit Top Ups!


Werrington Prison Telephone Calls can be expensive for the prisoner. Mobile phone calls from Werrington Prison to your friends or family can cost as much as 16p per minute. With our package, The Werrington Prisoner  can call your number at landline rates saving drastically on prison phone call credit top ups. Our package allow you to receive unlimited transfers from the landline number to your number, this is not capped and you do not need to keep recharging your account. The max it will cost for you to receive prison calls to your mobile is the cheaper landline rate for the prisoner.

  • We provide a FREE local landline number within the hour – (that diverts straight to your mobile, no apps needed!)
  • Works in all UK prisons! – Including England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales!
  • UNLIMITED* monthly minutes – Unlimited landline to mobile diverts (prisoner just pays landline prices)
  • HUGE saving on prison calls – No more paying 25p per minute, with our phone package, that rate drops to about £0.04p per minute! Most customers save an average of £200 every month!
  • UK-based support
  • No hidden fees and cancel at any time – Our 30-day rolling contract gives you the most flexibility
  • No app is needed! – Prison calls go straight to your mobile, never miss a prison call again!
  • TIP! Once signed up, turn your mobile voicemail off as the prison may test call the local number.
pssssttt…Just as a tip, once signed up, turn your mobile voicemail off as the prison may test call the local number.  

*Unlimited refers to the amount of divert calls that you can receive from your dedicated landline number diverting to your mobile, The prisoner will still have to pay a minimum of landline call costs instead of the higher mobile prison tarriff. 

Please remember: The Prison Caller will still be charged the same rate as dialing a local landline number, around 10 pence per minute depending on the prison/provider. This service gives you the freedom to receive calls without waiting by the landline and avoiding your caller being subjected to high mobile phone cost charges on the prison phone. *Our service gives you the ability to receive unlimited inbound calls from the prisoner to your mobile. You will not be charged per minute, there is no need to top up like other services. You will get the call on your mobile and the prisoner only pays landline prices at the prison.
*75%, The saving refers to the maximum prisoner can save if using the prison pay phones at peak times (midnight from Sunday through to Midday on Friday), Off Peak calls (Midday Friday to Midnight Sunday) will also be reduced however the saving will be considerably less than 75%. This is a Prison Call Subscription service billed at £19.99 per month which can be cancelled at anytime by giving 30 days notice. See Prison Call Subscription Terms and Conditions here. Due to the cost of setup, you cannot cancel the first month after you have received your number.


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