Send clothes to prisoner

Send clothes to prisoner

Send clothes to prisoner

How to send a clothes parcel to a prisoner – Looking to send clothing to a prisoner? How do you get the clothes to prison?

Once you have been convicted and arrive at prison, your family or friends should be allowed to send you an initial clothes parcel. If you haven’t been convicted yet but are still on remand in prison, you should be able to receive more than just one clothes parcel.

How do you get your clothing sent to prison? – The clothing that you have send into prison will need to meet the requirements of clothing. These include no black clothing, no clothing with hoods, no slogans or offensive writing or designs. Sports shirts or clothing are also not allowed in prison (as you can imagine, would cause issues) and definitely no hats or caps. Padded, heavily pocketed clothing or anything that covers the face is a no go. You can send in shoes/trainers including flipflops/sandals and sliders. Usually a couple of pairs is suffice.

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Send clothes to prisoner

Send clothes to prisoner

Jewellery wise, plain wedding or signet rings, plain pocket watch or digital watch but no digital storage, recording or Bluetooth/wifi on them.

Toiletries including hairclippers, beard trimmers, electric shavers, tweezers, shaving brush, nail clippers, toothbrush (electric also allowed), flannel, sponge etc.

How do you send clothing into prison?

Some prisons have clothing drop in days or on your first visit to the prison. Other prisons may require the prisoner to get the clothing parcel authorised by the CM of the wing or prison governor. If there is no facility to drop in a parcel or you cant just send in a parcel to the prison, get the prisoner to write a general app requesting the clothing parcel to be sent in. Either find a CM or SO on the wing to sign it. Then at least when its been sent in, you have authorisation to receive it and can chase internally.

Package the items well in either a box or bin liners and put a note inside with the prisoners number and prisoners name and the prison address. If you know their cell number and wing also include this such as PRISONER: MR JONES, PRISON NUMBER: A2999000, WING D1, CELL: D230, HMP WANDSWORTH, LONDON, POSTCODE. <<just an example. Also put the same on the address label on the front of the parcel.

If you are taking the parcel in person, do the same thing, you don’t want it going AWOL or to be dependant on an office ensuring it goes to the right person as the likelihood is slim as they are busy doing their duties, even though they will smile and nod and give you assurances, unless its clearly labelled, will probably get lost.

When contacting the prison to make your first prison visit, ask the person on the phone do they have a drop in or drop box for clothing for newly arrived prisoners, ask which day they can be brought in and try time It with your first visit to make things easier, specially if you don’t live near the prison.

If they don’t have a drop off for clothing, ask the protocol of that prison to send in clothing, confirm the address and ensure that you get the package tracked delivery. If there are any problems, the first thing they will claim is that they didn’t receive it, if you have proof at least you have an argument and they will have to investigate.

Once you’ve sent in the parcel, ask the prisoner to put in a general APP in prison to state that they are a newly arrived prisoner and their family/friends have sent in a parcel on XYZ date and could it pleased be arranged to have it delivered to cell (their cell number).

Also note, that some prisons, even though they have received the clothes parcel, the prisoner may not receive their clothing parcel until they have been changed from standard to enhanced IEP.