HMP Send: History, Information, and Latest News

HMP Send is a closed-category female prison located in Surrey, near the towns of Ripley and Woking. Established in 1962, HMP Send has a capacity of 282 inmates and focuses heavily on rehabilitation and skill development. The prison is managed by His Majesty’s Prison Service and is known for its therapeutic community and resettlement units.

HMP Send

History of HMP Send

HMP Send was originally opened in 1962 as a Junior Detention Centre. It transitioned into a Category C Adult Male Training Prison in 1987 and was subsequently demolished and rebuilt, reopening in 1999 as a closed Female Training Prison. Over the years, HMP Send has adapted its facilities and programs to better support female inmates, particularly focusing on mental health and rehabilitation​​​​.


Current Operations and Facilities

Today, HMP Send operates several specialized units:

  • Resettlement Unit: An 80-bed facility focusing on preparing inmates for reintegration into society.
  • Therapeutic Community: A 40-bed unit providing intensive therapy and support.
  • Progression PIPE (Psychologically Informed Planned Environment): A 20-bed unit designed to support inmates’ psychological development.
  • Preparation PIPE: Another 20-bed unit aiding inmates in preparation for progression through the prison system​​​​.

Capacity and Accommodation

HMP Send has an operational capacity of 282 inmates, with most cells being single-occupancy. The prison is divided into several wings, each serving different functions:

  • A Wing: Houses the PIPE units.
  • B and C Wings: General population with single cells.
  • D Wing: Induction unit with double occupancy cells.
  • E and F Wings: Resettlement units.
  • J Wing: Contains a therapeutic community and general population cells​​​​.

Education and Rehabilitation Programs

HMP Send offers a variety of educational and vocational programs aimed at equipping inmates with skills for their post-prison lives. These include:

  • NVQs in Business Administration and Floristry
  • Industrial workshops and painting parties
  • Voluntary work and external college courses
  • Therapeutic Community programs for mental health support

Additionally, HMP Send has a kitchen garden, hair salon, and barista training, all designed to provide practical skills​​​​.

Mental Health and Wellbeing

HMP Send is notable for its focus on mental health, offering the only therapeutic community for women in UK prisons. This program helps inmates address mental health issues through group therapy and support, significantly aiding in reducing violence and self-harm within the prison​​​​.

Notable Inmates

HMP Send has housed several high-profile inmates, including:

  • Jane Andrews: Former Royal dresser convicted of murder.
  • Vanessa George: Child sex offender involved in an online paedophile ring​​​​.

Latest News

Recent reports highlight HMP Send’s continuous efforts to improve conditions and support for inmates. The prison has been praised for its educational programs and staff-inmate relationships, although challenges such as rising self-harm incidents and drug availability remain areas of concern​​​​.


1. What is HMP Send’s capacity?

HMP Send has an operational capacity of 282 inmates.

2. Where is HMP Send located?

HMP Send is located near Ripley and Woking in Surrey, England.

3. What type of prison is HMP Send?

HMP Send is a closed-category prison for female inmates.

4. What rehabilitation programs does HMP Send offer?

HMP Send offers NVQs, industrial workshops, college courses, therapeutic community programs, and practical skill training in areas like floristry, business administration, and barista training.

5. How does HMP Send support mental health?

HMP Send provides extensive mental health support through its therapeutic community, offering group therapy and psychological support.

6. What is the history of HMP Send?

HMP Send opened in 1962 as a Junior Detention Centre, transitioned to a male training prison in 1987, and was rebuilt in 1999 as a female training prison.

7. Who manages HMP Send?

HMP Send is managed by His Majesty’s Prison Service.

8. What are the visiting hours at HMP Send?

Visiting hours at HMP Send are from 14:00 to 16:00 on Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

9. What notable inmates have been housed at HMP Send?

Notable inmates include Jane Andrews and Vanessa George.

10. What educational programs are available at HMP Send?

Educational programs include NVQs in business administration and floristry, as well as various industrial workshops and college courses.

Summary and Conclusion

HMP Send plays a crucial role in the rehabilitation and support of female inmates in Surrey. With a strong focus on mental health, education, and skill development, HMP Send aims to prepare inmates for successful reintegration into society. Despite challenges, the prison’s dedication to improving inmate welfare is evident in its programs and support systems.

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