Send Prisoner Photos

Send Prisoner Pictures

Sending Photos to Prisoners is a great way to keep them in the loop with what is happening on the outside of the prison walls.

Sending pictuers to prisoners of missed birthdays, days out, christmas or what you got upto over the weekend or just to show your face and keep in touch, after all a picture speaks a thousand words. But how do you send photos to a prisoner?

Send Prisoner Photos

Sending pictures to a prisoner sounds simple but depending on the prisons policy sometimes pictures can end up not reaching the prisoner.

A couple of rules is that the pictures show not be indecent, no nudity, no illegal items, no maps etc all the common sense items that a prison officer or someone in the post room scanning through sent in items would hold back and not allow them to be sent to the prisoner.


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Send Photos to Prisoner

So what ways can you send photos to a prisoner? Traditionally, you could include them in your letter, ensure you put the prisoners name and prison number on the reverse of the photo to ensure they end up where they are meant to. Problem with this is that some prisons scan letters and do not send the originals through. This is due to people lacing paper with spice to be able to get the drug into the prison. 


You can upload photos to email a prisoner. This will then be printed out in the mail room and delivered to the prisoner. Issue with Email a prisoner is that it is printed on black and white. Email a prisoner is great for sending witten information but due to it being printed out on low resolution, the picture can be extremely dark and hard to make out

Find out more about EMAIL A PRISONER HERE

PIXNOW – Sending photos to a prisoner has now been made even easier. There is a new service being trialled in many prisons in the UK which will allow you to easily upload pictures which are then printed out in high quality in the post room of the prison. It costs £1 per photo and you can learn more about PIXNOW here: CLICK HERE