Son in Prison? How to help your son in prison

Son in prison

Son In Prison

Is your son currently in Prison? Want to make your sons life a little bit easier whilst he serves his time in prison?

As a Mother, having a son in prison probably wasnt on the cards when you gave birth to your son, but life takes different twists and turns and you now find yourself supporting your child, regardless of age, behind bars. Obviously you want to make his time as easy as possible, regardless of the crime or guilt! So what can you do to help your son in prison?

The first thing that you can do, and probably the biggest help is to top up their prison account. Everything inside needs money, phone calls and buying canteen is a big deal in prison and its not cheap. If you can get family and friends to club together to keep it topped up, even £20 per week is a huge help. You can top up here:


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Son in prison

Son In Prison - How to help

Visits: If they have just arrived, getting a visit from a loved one is comforting. Being inside is such a lonely experience. If you can arrange on the oustide for regular traffic of visitors to come, its something to look forward to.

Bring money to the visit with you and you can buy the prisoners chocolate, crisps, food and drinks from the coffee shop in most visit halls. It might be the best thing theyve had all week.

Clothing: If they have just arrived to prison, they may not have any of their clothing. Having your own clothing, even in a place like prison, gives you a sense of normality. You can send an initial package to someone thats just arrived at prison. Each prison works differently. Some prisons have a drop in day where you can drop it into the prison, others can send it directly. Id suggest when you contact the prison to make your first visit, ask them how to send in the initial clothing parcel.

Books / Magazines / Newspapers
Prisoners can have books, magazines and newspapers. There is normally a local newsagent that you can apply for a subscription of newspapers or magazines. Get the prisoner to find out which the prison uses, They can normally get this information from the library in the prison or whilst in induction.