South Bank Probation Office

The South Bank Probation Office, located in Middlesbrough, serves as a vital part of the community’s criminal justice system. Situated at Mowlam House on Oxford Street, this office plays a crucial role in supervising offenders and providing support services to help them reintegrate into society. The South Bank Probation Office covers various areas within the Middlesbrough and Cleveland region, ensuring that individuals on probation receive the necessary guidance and monitoring. As part of the North East region, it operates under the supervision of the regional probation director, Bronwen Elphick.

South Bank Probation Office and Contact Details

  • Address: Mowlam House, 1 Oxford Street, Middlesbrough, TS6 6DF
  • Telephone Number: 0191 933 3780
South Bank Probation Office Building

South Bank Probation Office Opening Times, Parking, and Further Probation Office Information

The South Bank Probation Office operates from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM. The office is closed on weekends and bank holidays. Visitors can find the office easily accessible by public transport, with a bus stop located just a two-minute walk away at ASDA. Additionally, visitor parking is available, and the facility offers disabled access and parking. Assistive dogs are also welcome at the office, ensuring accessibility for all individuals who need to visit the probation service.

What Areas Does the South Bank Probation Office Cover?

The South Bank Probation Office provides services to various areas within the Middlesbrough and Cleveland region. This includes supervision and support for individuals on probation, ensuring they meet their legal obligations and aiding their reintegration into the community. The office covers a wide range of local areas to ensure comprehensive probation services are available to those in need.

Problems, Complaints, and Prison Recalls

If you encounter any problems or need to make a complaint, you can contact the South Bank Probation Office directly at their telephone number. For unresolved issues, complaints can be escalated to the HM Prison and Probation Service. In case of an emergency or if someone has been recalled to prison, immediate contact with the probation office is advised to address the situation promptly.

What Region is the Probation Office?

The South Bank Probation Office falls under the North East region. The regional probation director responsible for this area is Bronwen Elphick, who oversees the operations and ensures that the probation services provided meet the required standards.

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By utilizing these resources and contact details, individuals and their families can effectively connect with the South Bank Probation Office to access the necessary support and services.