Southwark County Court

Southwark County Court, operational from 1820 to 1961, served a significant role in the judicial landscape of London. Located in the boroughs of Southwark, parts of Lambeth, New Cross, and Deptford, this court handled a variety of civil matters. It was particularly noted for managing cases related to debts, damages, land recovery, and estate administration, amongst others, within specified financial limits set over the years.

The court’s jurisdiction and the types of cases it could handle evolved through several legislative changes, prominently influenced by acts such as the County Courts Act 1846 and subsequent modifications in 1888 and 1934. These adaptations expanded its capabilities to include a broader array of civil disputes and some matrimonial matters under the Married Women’s Property Act 1882 and the Workmen’s Compensation Acts of 1897 and 1925.

Historic Southwark County Court building, London.

More Information on Southwark County Court

  • Address: Swan Street, Trinity Street, Borough, SE1, London.
  • Historical Records: Access to records and further details about Southwark County Court can be explored at the London Metropolitan Archives.

More Information On Southwark County Court

Southwark County Court was a pivotal institution in London’s judicial system, catering to a diverse range of civil legal needs for over a century. For more extensive information about this court and other county courts in the UK, one can access additional resources and historical data.

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