Stella Nova Probation Office

The Stella Nova Probation Office is a key facility serving the community in Bootle and its surrounding areas. Located in a modern building, the office provides comprehensive probation services to support individuals on probation, helping them reintegrate into society and reduce reoffending. The Stella Nova Probation Office not only serves the residents of Bootle but also extends its services to several neighboring areas, ensuring that support and guidance are accessible to a wider population.

Stella Nova Probation Office and Contact Details

Stella Nova Probation Office Address: Stella Nova Probation Office, Washington Parade, Bootle, Merseyside, L20 4TQ

Stella Nova Probation Office Telephone Number: 0151 934 3700

Stella Nova Probation Office

Stella Nova Probation Office Opening Times, Parking, and Further Information

The Stella Nova Probation Office operates during standard business hours to accommodate the needs of its clients. The office is easily accessible by public transportation, with several bus routes stopping nearby and Bootle Oriel Road train station within walking distance. For those traveling by car, parking facilities are available, though it is advisable to check for any restrictions or parking fees that may apply.

Opening Times:

  • Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: Closed

The office provides a range of services including regular check-ins for those on probation, rehabilitation programs, and support for finding employment and housing. Staff members are dedicated to offering personalized assistance to help individuals navigate their probation period successfully.

What Areas Does Stella Nova Probation Office Cover?

The Stella Nova Probation Office covers a broad area within Merseyside, including but not limited to:

  • Bootle

  • Sefton

  • Liverpool

  • Crosby

  • Formby

  • Maghull

This extensive coverage ensures that individuals across these regions have access to the support and resources provided by the probation office.

Problems, Complaints, and Prison Recalls

In case of any problems or complaints regarding the services provided by the Stella Nova Probation Office, individuals can contact the office directly through the provided telephone number. For urgent issues or emergencies, it is recommended to call 999. If someone on probation has been recalled to prison, it is important to contact their assigned probation officer immediately to understand the reasons for the recall and the steps that need to be taken next.

Regional Information

The Stella Nova Probation Office falls under the North West region of the probation service. The regional director for this area is Andrea Bennett.

Regional Director Contact Details:

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