Understanding Parole for Recalled Prisoners and Lifers/IPP Reviews

Parole is the process through which prisoners serving sentences can be released early, subject to certain conditions, to serve the remainder of their sentence within the community. However, if these conditions are violated or further offences are committed, individuals may be recalled to prison to serve the remainder of their term.

Recalled Prisoners and Lifers/IPP Reviews

Those who have been recalled to prison or are undergoing reviews as Lifers or IPP prisoners face complex legal procedures. Seeking legal aid is crucial to ensure proper representation during parole hearings and to navigate the intricacies of the parole process.

: Understanding Parole for Recalled Prisoners and Lifers/IPP Reviews: Legal Implications

Available Support

Despite cuts to government assistance for prisoners, Legal Aid remains accessible for those requiring legal representation during parole proceedings. Expert legal firms, such as ours, offer specialized support with a high success rate in securing releases or favorable outcomes for clients.

Understanding Potential Outcomes

Legal representation can significantly impact the outcome of parole reviews, potentially leading to re-releases or favorable decisions that may not have been pursued otherwise. It’s essential to seek legal counsel early in the process to ensure all necessary paperwork is obtained and reviewed.

Exploring Discretionary Releases

Certain forms of early release, such as Home Detention Curfew (HDC) and releases on temporary licence (ROTLs), may be granted at the discretion of the prison without Parole Board reviews. In such cases, legal aid may not be available for challenging decisions. Consulting with legal experts can clarify options and determine the best course of action.