Visit someone in prison

Visit someone in prison

Visit Someone in Prison

Visit someone in prison – How to visit someone in prison.

To visit anyone in prison, obviously you will need to know which prison they are in and what their prison number is. If you dont know this, then you can do a ‘Locate a Prisoner’ service here:

To book a visit you will need the prisoners Name, Prison Number and Date of birth. You can then book the visit through the government website here:

Preparing for a visit

You will need to take identification with you on the visit in form of driving licence or passport or some type of photo ID. 

Take money with you. There is normally a kiosk inside the prison visit. It will allow you to buy the prisoner drinks and snacks to eat during your visit which will be much welcomed by the prisoner.

Property: Some prisons have a drop in box to take the prisoner property when you come to visit at prison. You wont be able to give it them direct as it will need to be checked, filed and authorised but it saves another trip.


Book to Visit Someone In Prison

Prepare to be searched

Its quite normal to be patted down upon entry to the prison visit hall. You will be required to leave all of your personal possessions inside a locker before you enter.

Drug dogs are sometimes also used in the lineup before you enter the prison. The prison visit hall is heavily monitored and often, people are asked to leave or investigated due to handing over illegal items.

Physical Contact In prison

You will be able to hug and a quick kiss when you first meet and when you leave, youll be able to hold hands throughout but will be on the opposite sides of the table.

Children are usually allowed much more contact than adults.

Arrive early to the prison

Unfortunetly the process of getting in to visit someone in prison isnt a quick process. You have to do a lot of waiting around and have to get there early. Also parking and public transport to the prison can also cause some problems. If you arent on time, you may not be allowed in.