What is Send Prison Like?

Send Prison: A Female Facility with Focus on Rehabilitation

What is Send Prison Like?


Wondering what Send Prison is all about? This comprehensive guide aims to shed light on its history, inmate experiences, staff perspectives, and more.


Opened in 1962, Send Prison is a female-only facility in Surrey. With a capacity for 282 women, it is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS).


Nestled in the heart of Surrey, Send Prison has been evaluated 92 times, with the latest visit being on 19 March 2019.

Life Inside: From a Prisoner’s Perspective

Safety and Relationships

Inmates at Send speak highly of the caring staff and the overall safety within the prison. They appreciate the semi-open regime, which affords them a level of responsibility and freedom not often seen in other facilities.

Family and Social Life

The prisoners enjoy visits, especially the family days and adult-only visits, which are described as more relaxed compared to other prisons.

What is Send Prison Like?

What is Send Prison Like?

Personal Development

Send offers a variety of peer support roles, as well as thematic focus groups and a Prison Council. Inmates have access to a multitude of development programs including Therapeutic Community (TC) and Personality Disorder (PD) units, drug services, restorative justice programs, and peer-led trauma courses.

Staff Views

Safety and Multidisciplinary Approach

Officers concur on the prison’s safety and credit the multidisciplinary approach for managing challenging inmates. They also praise the Safer Custody Team for their role in maintaining a secure environment.

Grounds and Facilities

Staff laud the beautiful grounds, including flower beds, open space, and a duck pond, as positives that benefit everyone in the prison.

Managerial Visibility

Staff appreciate regular interactions with visible managers, including a No. 1 who is said to ‘know everyone,’ as well as regular staff meetings and consultations.

Managerial Insight

Safety and Care

Managers align with the views of staff and prisoners on safety and relationships. They take pride in managing challenging women and those in crisis effectively.

Development Opportunities

Like prisoners, managers also note various opportunities for personal growth, including the Psychologically Informed Planned Environment (PIPE) unit, and various educational and training programs.

Staff Support and Events

An excellent care team, regular training, and fun days & Christmas dinners are among the staff benefits highlighted by managers.


Send Prison offers a unique, female-focused environment, combining safety with opportunities for personal growth. From caring staff to an array of development programs, Send is designed to offer a humane and constructive experience.

Latest News

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What is Send Prison Like?