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Going through the UK Justice System can be one of the most scary, alone and daunting times in your life, especially if this is your first time in court or first time facing prison.  

I’ve personally experienced years on bail, a lengthy trial and a handful of years inside various UK Prisons. So let me help you prepare for whats to come, should that be information on a court, a trial or exactly what to expect from serving a sentence in a HMP Establishment in the UK. Ive got all the prison information that you need.  

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First time facing prison?

If it is your first time facing time inside a UK Prison, you will more than likely have a variety of questions like i did. For example, what is prison like? what will your first prison cell mate be like, the conditions inside a prison, what to eat in prison, how to get prison visits, what are the showers like in prison, how to make a phone call, how to request a prison transfer.. the questions can be endless but I’ve already experienced prison so have all of the answers for you.

I was once in your shoes and have made it to the end. You can do the same with my help and support. I setup this service as I personally would have benefited from speaking to someone like me, a family man, never in trouble before and somehow ended up in prison. I never dreamt i’d ever end up in prison and never knew anyone to speak to that had been inside and i didn’t want advice from a prison veteran that had been in and out their whole life and another sentence would be like water off a ducks back.


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Why we formed Prison Guide.

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What to expect from prison & support throughout your sentence

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From first night in prison, prison showers, prison food and more. Lets fully prepare you for prison.

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Read exactly what its like to be in prison first hand with a diary account of prison life by the secret prisoner

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We have prepared a fully comprehensive guide which will answer all of your prison questions