What do prisoners do all day?

What do prisoners do all day?

What do prisoners do all day? Inside prison It is the boredom that is the biggest part to deal apart from being locked up, no freedom and away from your family. You can read our Prison Guide here

So what do prisoners do all day, in a UK prison the core working day prisoners are required to do some form of work whether that be education or a prison job. This could include being a cleaner, being part of a workshop such as bike repair, biohazard cleaning, dry lining, computer course or even part of a prison radio station. There are normally 2 sessions a day that run from 9 until 12 then 2-4 of which the prisoner will be paid £1 a session to then use on phone credit or items from the canteen. CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT MY PRISON SERVICES

When your not working such as weekends, bank holidays or you haven’t been allocated a job time can go ever so slowly. There’s usually a small TV with a few select basic channels and film4. Most people in prison watch the 9pm movie on film4 to kill the evening before going to bed. To kill time during the day, write letters, ring home, play cards, puzzle books, chat to your cell mate, incell exercise, clean the cell, anything to pass the time until your unlocked for S&Ds.


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What do prisoners do during the day?

On S&D’s (social and domestic) you can go and shower (run down to the shower as soon as door is unlocked), play cards with other prisoners, get dinner, walk round the yard (anticlock-wise), go to the library if its open, get a haircut from a variety of prisoners offering the service for a few tins of tuna or mackerel or even just sitting in your cell with the door open is liberting.

Some prisoners save up enough on their prison account to eventually purchase an overly expensive Xbox 360 or cheaper PS2 games console. This is known as a ‘bird killer’, bird being slang for prison sentence. Inmates swap games or play together on fifa football game mainly.

If you would like more information about what its like being in prison then click below and get prison advice now. Click here to read about my prison journey