Chorley Probation Office

The Chorley Probation Office, located in Lancashire, serves as a pivotal point for probationary services within the North West region. Situated at 2 Bolton Street, this office is integral to the community, providing supervision and support for individuals on probation. It is part of the broader HM Prison and Probation Service, which ensures that it operates under stringent standards to aid in rehabilitation and community reintegration​​.

Chorley Probation Office Contact Details

The Chorley Probation Office address is: 2 Bolton Street, Chorley, Lancashire, PR7 3BB.

The Chorley Probation Office telephone number is: 01257 260 493.

For further details and services, you can visit the official website linked here​​.

View of Chorley Probation Office exterior on Bolton Street

Chorley Probation Office Opening Times, Parking, and Further Information

The Chorley Probation Office is open Monday through Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm, and it remains closed on weekends and bank holidays. Although there is no visitor parking available directly at the office, street parking and local car parks are accessible nearby. The office is a short 10-minute walk from Chorley Interchange and Chorley railway station, making it conveniently accessible by public transport​​.

What Areas Does the Chorley Probation Office Cover?

Chorley Probation Office provides services specifically tailored to the Chorley area, focusing on supervision, community rehabilitation, and support for individuals serving probation periods. This office plays a crucial role in the Lancashire probationary services network, ensuring coverage and support for the local community​​.

Problems, Complaints, and Prison Recalls

For immediate issues or concerns, contacting the Chorley Probation Office directly is recommended. For unresolved problems, complaints can be escalated to HM Prison and Probation Service. If there is a situation where someone has been recalled to prison, it is crucial to contact the probation office immediately for guidance and next steps​​.

Regional Information for Chorley Probation Office

The Chorley Probation Office falls under the North West region. The regional director for this area is Andrea Bennett, who oversees the probation services in this region. For direct communication or more detailed regional inquiries, Andrea Bennett can be contacted via email at [email protected].

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