Ipswich Probation Office

The Ipswich Probation Office is a key facility within the criminal justice system, providing support and supervision to offenders in the Ipswich area and surrounding regions. This office plays a crucial role in rehabilitating individuals and ensuring community safety. The Ipswich Probation Office also extends its services to neighboring areas, helping to cover a broader population in need of probation services.

Ipswich Probation Office and Contact Details

The Ipswich Probation Office is located at:

Ipswich Probation Office
St. Clare House

Telephone Number:
Ipswich Probation Office can be contacted at 01473 682100 for general inquiries and support.

Email Address:
Unfortunately, a specific email address for the Ipswich Probation Office is not available. Please use the phone number provided for any inquiries.

Ipswich Probation Office

Ipswich Probation Office Opening Times, Parking, and Further Probation Office Information

The Ipswich Probation Office operates during the following hours:

Opening Times:
Monday to Friday: 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday: Closed

Parking Information:
Parking is available near the office premises. Visitors can use the public parking spaces around Greyfriars or the dedicated visitor parking area at St. Clare House.

How to Get There:
The Ipswich Probation Office is conveniently located in the town center, accessible by various means of public transportation. Ipswich Railway Station is a short walk away, and multiple bus routes service the area.

Further Information:
The office provides a range of services, including supervision, rehabilitation programs, and support for offenders. It is essential to call ahead and confirm any appointments or specific requirements.

What Areas Do Ipswich Probation Office Cover?

The Ipswich Probation Office covers the Ipswich region and extends its services to several nearby areas, ensuring a comprehensive support network for individuals on probation. These areas include:

  • Woodbridge
  • Felixstowe
  • Stowmarket
  • Hadleigh
  • Needham Market

By covering these regions, the Ipswich Probation Office ensures that a larger community benefits from its services.

Problems, Complaints, and Prison Recalls

If you encounter any problems or have complaints about the Ipswich Probation Office services, you can address these concerns through the following channels:

Emergency Contacts:
In case of an emergency, always dial 999.

How to Complain:
Complaints can be made directly to the office by calling 01473 682100. For more formal complaints, visit the UK government’s probation services complaints page at www.gov.uk.

Prison Recalls:
If someone has been recalled to prison, immediate action is required. Contact the Ipswich Probation Office at 01473 682100 for guidance and support on the next steps.

What Region is the Ipswich Probation Office Part Of?

The Ipswich Probation Office falls under the East of England region. The regional structure ensures coordinated efforts and resource allocation across multiple offices within the area.

Regional Director:
The East of England Probation Region is managed by Director Steve Johnson-Proctor. For regional inquiries, you can reach him at:

Email: [email protected]

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