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Moorland Prison

Moorland Prison

HMP Moorland is a order C prison holding both manly grown-ups and youthful malefactors. It has a total capacity of, and is positioned close to Doncaster in Yorkshire. The prison caters for all types of rulings, though not adult‘ prisoners’, and is concertedly managed by HMP Hatfield. After their judgment is complete, convicts are moreover released directly from the prison or transferred to Hatfield.

An unannounced examination of HMP/ YOI Moorland between 1 – 12 February 2016 stated, .

The vacuity of new psychoactive substances was hanging to undermine recent progress at Moorland’, said Peter Clarke, Chief Inspector of Incarcerations.

Tel: 01302 523000

Capacity: 1006

Bawtry Road, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN7 6BW

The service we provide can help inmates at Moorland Prison save on their calls to mobile phones.

Our plans will reduce the cost of a mobile phone call from the pay phones by 75% helping the inmates at Long Lartin stretch their PINS phone credit further.

Moorland Prison Address:

Bawtry Road, Hatfield Woodhouse, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN7 6BW

Moorland Prison Contact Details
Moorland Prison Telephone Number: 01302 523000


Prison Assist:

Moorland Prison

Moorland Prison

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How to book a visit at Moorland Prison?

There are several ways you can keep in touch with a prisoner during their time at Moorland.

  • Secure video calls
  • Phone calls

They can call at these times:

  • Mondays to Fridays: 6.30am to 8am, 9am to 1.30pm, 4pm to 11.30pm
  • Weekends: 6.30am to 11.30pm

Booking line: 01302 523 000

Everyone also finds out about the rules, fire safety, and how things like calls and visits work.


How to get to Moorland Prison – Moorland Prison Directions

Moorland is a prison and young offender institution (YOI) near Doncaster, South Yorkshire for men aged 18 and over.

To Book A Moorland Prison Visit You Must:

Prison social visits are temporarily suspended at Moorland prison. We will update here as soon as this changes.

There are a number of other ways to contact someone in prison if you are unable to visit them.

You can also contact the Prisoners’ Families Helpline on 0808 808 2003. You will not be able to book a visit using this number.

You might be able to get help covering the travel costs, meals and accommodation. CLICK HERE TO GET HELP WITH PRISON VISIT COSTS