Altcourse Prison: Comprehensive Guide, Telephone, Address and Visiting Hours

Altcourse Prison is a key correctional facility in the UK, known for its extensive inmate programs and modern infrastructure. This guide provides detailed information about the prison, including how to contact the facility, visiting hours, and essential services.

Altcourse Prison, located in Liverpool, England, is a private prison operated by G4S. It is known for its emphasis on rehabilitation and its wide range of educational and vocational training programs designed to help inmates reintegrate into society upon release. The prison accommodates male offenders and features various security levels to cater to different inmate categories.

Altcourse Prison Building

Altcourse Prison Address, Telephone and Visiting Information.

If you need to get in touch with Altcourse Prison, the following contact details will be useful:

Altcourse Prison
Higher Lane
Fazakerley, Liverpool
L9 7LH

0151 522 2000

Email Address:

Visiting Hours:

  • Weekdays: 14:00 – 16:00
  • Weekends: 09:00 – 11:00 and 14:00 – 16:00

Parking Information:
There is ample parking available for visitors at Altcourse Prison. The visitor car park is located adjacent to the main entrance, ensuring convenient access.

Visiting Altcourse Prison

Visiting an inmate at Altcourse Prison requires adherence to specific procedures to ensure security and order. Here’s a brief overview of what to expect:

Booking a Visit:
Visits must be booked in advance. This can be done via phone or email. Ensure you have the inmate’s details handy when booking.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration Programs

Altcourse Prison places a strong emphasis on rehabilitation and reintegration. These programs are designed to equip inmates with the skills and support needed to transition back into society successfully.

Educational Programs:
Education is a key component of the prison’s rehabilitation efforts. Inmates have access to a variety of courses, including:

  • Basic Education: Literacy and numeracy classes for those needing foundational skills.
  • Higher Education: Opportunities to pursue advanced studies in partnership with local universities.
  • Vocational Courses: Training in trades such as plumbing, electrical work, and construction.

Substance Abuse Programs:
Recognizing the role of substance abuse in criminal behavior, Altcourse offers comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs. These programs include counseling, support groups, and educational workshops.

Mental Health Support:
Mental health is a critical aspect of inmate well-being. The prison provides access to mental health professionals and services, including therapy and psychiatric care.

Community Engagement and Support

Altcourse Prison actively engages with the local community to foster positive relationships and support inmate reintegration. This includes:

  • Volunteer Programs: Community volunteers play a crucial role in supporting various prison programs, from education to recreational activities.
  • Partnerships with Local Businesses: These partnerships provide inmates with work experience opportunities and potential employment upon release.
  • Family Support Services: Recognizing the importance of family connections, the prison offers support services to help maintain and strengthen family relationships during incarceration.


Altcourse Prison is more than just a correctional facility; it is a place where individuals are given the tools and support needed to rebuild their lives. Through comprehensive educational and vocational programs, robust healthcare services, and strong community partnerships, Altcourse Prison strives to create a rehabilitative environment that benefits both inmates and society as a whole.


1. What security measures are in place at Altcourse Prison?
Altcourse Prison employs a range of security measures, including CCTV surveillance, perimeter fencing, and controlled entry points to ensure the safety and security of inmates, staff, and visitors.

2. How can I book a visit to Altcourse Prison?
Visits can be booked by calling the prison directly or sending an email. Ensure you have the necessary inmate details when making a booking.

3. What educational opportunities are available for inmates?
Inmates at Altcourse Prison have access to a variety of educational programs, from basic literacy and numeracy classes to higher education courses offered in partnership with local colleges and universities.

4. Does Altcourse Prison offer support for substance abuse?
Yes, the prison provides comprehensive substance abuse treatment programs, including counseling, support groups, and educational workshops to help inmates overcome addiction.

5. How does Altcourse Prison support family connections?
The prison offers family support services aimed at maintaining and strengthening family relationships during incarceration. This includes visitation programs and counseling services.

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Addiewell Prison Rehabilitation Programmes

Addiewell Prison offers a variety of rehabilitation programmes designed to help inmates reintegrate into society upon release. These include:

  • Behavioural Programmes: Targeting issues such as anger management and substance abuse.
  • Educational and Vocational Training: Equipping inmates with the skills needed for employment.
  • Family Support Services: Helping inmates maintain family ties which are crucial for successful reintegration.

Life Inside Addiewell Prison Daily life in Addiewell Prison is structured to promote personal development and responsibility. Inmates follow a routine that includes time for work, education, recreation, and personal reflection. The prison’s regime is designed to mimic a normal working day, which helps inmates adjust to life outside prison upon release.

Security Measures As a Category B prison, Addiewell maintains stringent security protocols to ensure the safety of inmates, staff, and visitors. These measures include surveillance systems, regular patrols, and controlled access to different areas of the facility.

Community Involvement Addiewell Prison engages with the local community through various outreach programmes. These initiatives aim to foster positive relationships between the prison and the surrounding area, as well as provide inmates with opportunities to give back to the community.

Challenges and Developments Despite its modern facilities and progressive approach, Addiewell Prison faces challenges such as overcrowding and resource limitations. However, ongoing developments and investments aim to address these issues and enhance the prison’s capacity to rehabilitate offenders effectively.

Conclusion Addiewell Prison represents a significant step forward in the UK’s approach to corrections, with its focus on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending. Through comprehensive programmes, state-of-the-art facilities, and community engagement, HMP Addiewell strives to prepare inmates for a successful reintegration into society.


  1. What are the visiting hours at Addiewell Prison? Visiting hours at Addiewell Prison vary, and all visits must be booked in advance. Generally, visiting times are available during weekdays and weekends.

  2. What rehabilitation programmes are available at Addiewell Prison? Addiewell offers various programmes including educational courses, vocational training, behavioural programmes, and family support services.

  3. How can I book a visit to Addiewell Prison? Visits can be booked through the prison’s official booking system, either online or via phone. Visitors must comply with the prison’s guidelines.

  4. What is the capacity of Addiewell Prison? Addiewell Prison has a capacity to hold up to 796 male inmates.

  5. Are there any volunteer opportunities at Addiewell Prison? Yes, Addiewell Prison encourages community involvement and offers volunteer opportunities in various programmes and services within the prison.

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