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Book Prison Visit Swansea Prison

Swansea Prison, a men’s facility located in the heart of Swansea, Wales, serves as an integral part of the UK’s correctional system. To ensure a smooth visit to this institution, it is essential to understand the procedures, rules, and amenities available.

Visiting Swansea Prison: Essential Information

Booking a Visit

  • Visitor List: You must be on the inmate’s visitor list.
  • Advance Booking: Visits should be booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Identification: Bring required identification during your visit. Visitors aged 16 or older need to prove their identity.

Booking Options

  • Online: Visitors can book online.
  • Telephone Booking: Call 01792 485 322 (Monday to Friday, 8:45am – 11:45am and 1pm – 3:45pm).
  • Email Booking: Email [email protected] for booking​​.

Visiting times to Swansea Prison

Visiting Times

  • Visits are scheduled from Monday to Sunday, with two sessions per day (2pm – 3pm and 3:30pm – 4:30pm). Note that visitors should arrive no later than 1:15pm for the 2pm session and 2:30pm for the 3:30pm session​​.

Directions, Parking, and Contact Details

  • Location: HMP Swansea, 200 Oystermouth Road, Swansea, SA1 3SR.
  • Parking: Available at the pay and display car park, Paxton St car park, directly opposite the prison.
  • Public Transport: The prison is approximately 1 mile from the train station and within walking distance from the bus station​​.

HMP Swansea Visiting Information

Visitor Attire and Items to Bring

  • Dress Code: Visitors must adhere to an appropriate and family-friendly dress code.
  • Prohibited Items: Mobile phones, cigarettes, and similar items are not allowed in the visits hall and must be left in lockers.
  • Search Procedures: All visitors will undergo a level B rub down search, including children. Be prepared for potential inspection by security dogs​​​​​​.

Visitor Centre and Additional Information

  • Visitor Centre: Located near the prison for assistance and enquiries (Contact: 01792-458645).
  • Arrival Time: Advised to arrive ¾ hours before your visit for necessary formalities​​.

Compliance and Security

  • Visitors should be aware of strict security measures in place and adhere to all rules. Non-compliance can lead to visit cancellation and future visitation bans​​.

Reminder and Disclaimer

Please verify all details with official sources to ensure accuracy and compliance with current regulations and legal requirements. This information aims to assist individuals planning to visit Swansea Prison and is subject to change.