Prison Home Leave

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Prison Home Leave

Prison Home Leave, Prisoners can get upto 5 days and 4 nights away from the prison on home leave with a policy called ROTL. The overnight release is called an ROR (Resettlement Overnight Release). Its intended to help prisoners get resettled before their actual release from prison. Its to help prisoners get somewhere to stay, setup job interviews or work upon release and to help prisoners maintain family ties.

Getting 5 days on a home leave from prison isnt a given, you must earn it with good behaviour inside prison, prove to the offender supervisor the reasons you feel you need 5 days from the prison and justify reasons why on the ROR ROTL request form.

There is also another form of prison leave called an RDR which is Resettlement Day Release. This allows the prisoner upto 12 hours out of the prison to either build family ties or the same reasons as the ROR as above. Help you get setup upon release, helps prisoners who havent been out of prison for a while get used to life on the otherside of the bars ready for their release.

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Whats a ROTL?

A ROTL – Release on temporary licence grants the prisoner time to be outside of the prison. This can either be authorised on an RDR, ROR, SPL or even CRL. Each has their own purpose. SPL is a special purpose licence and can be used for events such as funerals to allow a prisoner to attend. This may be escorted or unescorted depending on risk and the offender supervisors decision.

CRL is a child resettlement licence and can grant the prisoner upto 4 days out of the prison because of dependant children.

The other ROTL framework covers ROR and RDR as above. Each gives the prisoner the opportunity to legally have time outside of the prison. Use the correct ROTL for the correct purpose, fill out the correct forms and submit it to the OMU or OS of the prisoner and prison