What is Addiewell Prison Like?

Addiewell Prison is a Category C men’s prison located in West Lothian, Scotland. Operated by Sodexo Justice Services and contracted to the Scottish Prison Service, Addiewell has been housing inmates since its opening in 2008. The prison primarily focuses on the rehabilitation of adult male prisoners, including those convicted and those held on remand.

What is Addiewell Prison Like

Rehabilitation Programs at Addiewell Prison

Rehabilitation at Addiewell Prison includes a variety of programs aimed at reducing re-offending and supporting inmates’ reintegration into society. These programs encompass educational courses, vocational training, and psychological support. Notably, Addiewell offers cognitive-behavioral therapy and other specialized treatments tailored to individual needs, enhancing inmates’ prospects for successful rehabilitation.

Educational and Vocational Training

Educational opportunities at Addiewell Prison range from basic literacy and numeracy courses to more advanced vocational training. The prison provides a structured environment where inmates can develop new skills in areas such as carpentry, painting, and gardening. These programs are designed to prepare inmates for employment upon release, thereby aiding their reintegration into society.

Life Inside Addiewell Prison

Life at Addiewell Prison is centered around creating a safe and structured environment conducive to rehabilitation. Inmates are housed in single or shared cells, with access to communal areas for dining and recreation. The prison aims to provide a balanced daily routine that includes work, education, and leisure activities, fostering a sense of normalcy and personal development.

Visiting Addiewell Prison

Visitors to Addiewell Prison must adhere to strict guidelines to ensure security and order. Visits can be booked through the prison’s dedicated phone line or online system. Visitors are required to present valid identification and proof of address. The visiting center, operated by Cyrenians, provides support and information to families and friends of inmates, making the visiting process smoother and more comfortable.

Communication and Support

Inmates at Addiewell Prison can maintain contact with the outside world through various means, including phone calls, emails, and letters. These communication channels are essential for supporting inmates’ mental well-being and maintaining family bonds, which are crucial for successful rehabilitation.

Community and External Support

Addiewell Prison collaborates with several external organizations to provide comprehensive support services to inmates. These partnerships help address various needs, from healthcare to social services, ensuring that inmates receive the necessary support during their incarceration and upon release. The prison also has strong ties with local community groups, enhancing its rehabilitation efforts.

Security and Safeguarding

Ensuring the safety and well-being of inmates is a top priority at Addiewell Prison. The prison has implemented robust safeguarding measures, including regular inspections and oversight by the Scottish Prison Service. Despite some challenges, such as reports of violence and healthcare issues, efforts are ongoing to improve the prison environment and address these concerns.

Accommodation at Addiewell Prison

Addiewell Prison has a capacity of around 700 inmates, housed in various accommodation blocks. The cells are designed to be functional and secure, with necessary amenities to support daily living. Efforts are made to maintain cleanliness and order within the living quarters, contributing to a safer and more comfortable environment for inmates.


Addiewell Prison is committed to rehabilitating its inmates through comprehensive educational, vocational, and psychological programs. Despite some challenges, the prison strives to create a safe and supportive environment that prepares inmates for successful reintegration into society. Continued efforts and partnerships with external organizations are essential for maintaining and improving the prison’s rehabilitation focus.


  1. What type of offenders are housed at Addiewell Prison?

    • Addiewell Prison houses adult male offenders, including those convicted of various crimes and those held on remand.
  2. What facilities does Addiewell Prison offer?

    • The prison offers healthcare services, educational courses, vocational training, and psychological support programs.
  3. How does Addiewell Prison support rehabilitation?

    • Rehabilitation programs at Addiewell include cognitive-behavioral therapy, skill development courses, and various educational and vocational training opportunities.
  4. Can inmates at Addiewell Prison make phone calls?

    • Yes, inmates can make phone calls to approved contacts, provided they follow the prison’s regulations regarding communication.
  5. How can I book a visit to Addiewell Prison?

    • Visits can be booked via the prison’s dedicated phone line or online system, with visitors required to provide valid identification and proof of address.
  6. What are the visiting hours at Addiewell Prison?

    • Visiting hours are scheduled throughout the week, but it’s advisable to confirm specific times when booking a visit.
  7. What kind of educational opportunities are available at Addiewell Prison?

    • The prison offers courses in literacy, numeracy, and vocational training, preparing inmates for employment upon release.
  8. How does Addiewell Prison address inmate safety and well-being?

    • The prison has robust safeguarding measures, including regular inspections and oversight by the Scottish Prison Service, to ensure inmate safety and well-being.
  9. What external organizations work with Addiewell Prison?

    • Addiewell collaborates with various organizations, including Cyrenians, to provide additional support and services to inmates and their families.
  10. What challenges does Addiewell Prison face?

    • The prison faces challenges such as reports of violence and healthcare issues, but ongoing efforts are aimed at addressing and resolving these problems.

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