What is Fosse Way Prison Like?

Fosse Way Prison is a state-of-the-art Category C men’s prison located in Leicester, designed to accommodate nearly 2,000 inmates. Officially opened in June 2023 on the site of the old HMP Glen Parva, this prison is part of the UK Government’s initiative to expand the prison estate with a focus on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending​​​​.

What is Fosse Way Prison Like

Rehabilitation Programs at Fosse Way Prison

Fosse Way Prison emphasizes rehabilitation through a variety of programs aimed at equipping inmates with skills and qualifications for life after release. The prison features 24 workshops where inmates can learn trades such as driving construction vehicles using simulators, manufacturing, and construction. These programs are designed to help inmates secure employment post-release, thereby reducing the likelihood of reoffending​​​​.

Educational and Vocational Training

Educational opportunities at Fosse Way Prison include basic literacy and numeracy courses, as well as advanced vocational training. The prison provides inmates with the chance to gain qualifications that can significantly enhance their employability upon release. The facility’s innovative design includes state-of-the-art workshops and classrooms equipped with modern technology to support learning and skill development​​​​.

Life Inside Fosse Way Prison

Life at Fosse Way Prison is structured to promote safety, security, and rehabilitation. The prison features modern amenities, bar-less windows, and an eco-friendly design that includes renewable energy sources and electric construction machinery. This environment is intended to support a positive prison culture focused on personal development and preparation for reintegration into society​​​​.

Visiting Fosse Way Prison

Visits to Fosse Way Prison can be arranged through a dedicated booking system managed by Serco, the private company operating the prison. The visiting facilities are designed to be welcoming, with provisions for family and friends to maintain connections with inmates. Visitors must follow strict security protocols, including presenting valid identification and undergoing security checks​​​​.

Communication and Support

Inmates at Fosse Way Prison can communicate with the outside world through phone calls, emails, and letters. These communication channels are crucial for maintaining relationships and supporting inmates’ mental well-being. The prison also offers various support services to address the needs of inmates and their families, ensuring a holistic approach to rehabilitation​​​​.

Community and External Support

Fosse Way Prison collaborates with external organizations to enhance its rehabilitation programs. These partnerships provide additional resources and support, including mental health services, educational opportunities, and post-release assistance. The prison’s community integration programs are designed to help inmates transition smoothly back into society​​​​.

Security and Safeguarding

Ensuring the safety and security of inmates and staff is a top priority at Fosse Way Prison. The facility employs advanced surveillance systems, access control technologies, and perimeter detection aids. Regular patrols and strict emergency response protocols are in place to maintain order and safety within the prison​​​​.

Accommodation at Fosse Way Prison

Fosse Way Prison can accommodate up to 1,930 inmates, with plans for expansion to 2,300. The prison environment is designed to be functional and secure, providing necessary amenities to support daily living. The modern design and eco-friendly features contribute to a safer and more comfortable environment for inmates​​​​.


Fosse Way Prison represents a new model for correctional facilities in the UK, with a strong focus on rehabilitation and reducing reoffending. The modern design, comprehensive educational and vocational programs, and community support initiatives are all aimed at helping inmates successfully reintegrate into society. Continued evaluation will be essential to ensure the prison meets its rehabilitation goals and provides long-term benefits to the community​​​​.


  1. What type of offenders are housed at Fosse Way Prison?

    • Fosse Way Prison houses Category C adult male inmates who pose a lower security risk, often nearing the end of their sentences or transitioning back into society.
  2. What facilities does Fosse Way Prison offer?

    • The prison offers healthcare services, educational courses, vocational training, and psychological support programs.
  3. How does Fosse Way Prison support rehabilitation?

    • Rehabilitation programs at Fosse Way include cognitive-behavioral therapy, skill development courses, and various educational and vocational training opportunities.
  4. Can inmates at Fosse Way Prison make phone calls?

    • Yes, inmates can make phone calls to approved contacts, provided they follow the prison’s regulations regarding communication.
  5. How can I book a visit to Fosse Way Prison?

    • Visits can be booked via the prison’s dedicated phone line or online system, with visitors required to provide valid identification and undergo security checks.
  6. What are the visiting hours at Fosse Way Prison?

    • Visiting hours are scheduled throughout the week, and specific times can be confirmed when booking a visit.
  7. What kind of educational opportunities are available at Fosse Way Prison?

    • The prison offers courses in literacy, numeracy, and vocational training, preparing inmates for employment upon release.
  8. How does Fosse Way Prison address inmate safety and well-being?

    • The prison employs advanced surveillance systems, access control technologies, and regular patrols to ensure the safety and well-being of inmates.
  9. What external organizations work with Fosse Way Prison?

    • Fosse Way collaborates with various organizations to provide additional support and services, including mental health support and educational programs.
  10. What challenges does Fosse Way Prison face?

    • The prison faces challenges such as managing the growing number of inmates, but ongoing efforts aim to address these issues through improvements in infrastructure and services.

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