What is Hull Prison Like?


Curious about what life is like in Hull Prison? Located in the East Riding of Yorks, this Category B local prison is unique in several ways. Learn more about its history, safety measures, and how it supports both prisoners and their families.

History of Hull Prison:

Hull Prison is one of the UK’s older prisons, having been operational since 1870. Under the administration of Her Majesty’s Prison Service (HMPS), the facility has seen various changes and upgrades over the years. With a capacity of 1036 inmates, Hull has a strong focus on safety and family support, setting it apart from many other establishments.

Life Inside Hull Prison:

From the Governor’s Perspective:

According to the Governor, Hull Prison has one of the best staff-prisoner relationships he has ever seen, evidenced by the display of thank-you letters from prisoners in the administration corridor. Notably, Hull has been able to maintain safety levels much better than other prisons, largely avoiding the spikes in violence experienced elsewhere.

What is Hull Prison Like?

What is Hull Prison Like?

For Managers:

Custodial Managers highlight that the prison prioritizes safety and control measures. They particularly commend the additional training offered to new staff and the ongoing training for current staff. Among the prison’s standout features are its robust support for families through monthly family days, a homework club, and a breakfast club. Additionally, Hull Prison offers specialised care for prisoners with complex needs and a palliative care suite for end-of-life care.

For Officers:

Officers echo the sentiments of the Custodial Managers, noting the positive relationships they maintain with prisoners. Staff members take pride in their strong team ethic and appreciate the management’s focus on well-being, which includes staff well-being days and ongoing training.

For Prisoners:

Inmates particularly value the family support provided, crediting a specialist family liaison officer for much of this success. The regular family days, along with the introduction of breakfast and homework clubs, have been popular among prisoners. Inmates also praise the drug recovery wing and generally commend the time allowed out of cells.


Hull Prison is located in the East Riding of Yorks and has a current capacity of 1036 inmates.

News and Reports:

Hull Prison stands out for its low incidence of violence and strong focus on familial and community links, including an annual open day for staff families. The prison remains committed to upholding safety and providing comprehensive care to its residents.