Can My Prison Sentence Be Increased If I Appeal

Can my prison sentence be increased if I appeal? This is a common concern for many individuals considering the appeal process in the UK. The short answer is yes, although it is relatively rare.

Understanding the Appeal Process

Can my prison sentence be increased if I appeal? When appealing a sentence, the Court of Appeal reviews the case to ensure that justice was appropriately served during the original sentencing. The court can uphold, reduce, or even increase the sentence based on their findings. However, an increased sentence typically occurs only if the original sentence was unduly lenient or new, significant evidence has come to light​​​​.

Can My Prison Sentence Be Increased If I Appeal

The Court of Appeal's Role

  • The Court of Appeal aims to rectify any errors made during the initial sentencing. If your legal team can convincingly argue that the original sentence was flawed, there is a strong possibility that the sentence could be reduced or remain unchanged. However, in some cases, particularly when the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) believes a sentence was too lenient, there is a risk of the sentence being increased​​.

    Grounds for Appeal

    Can my prison sentence be increased if I appeal? There are several grounds on which you can base your appeal:

    • The sentence was unlawful or incorrect in principle.
    • The sentence was manifestly excessive.
    • There was an error in the factual basis for the sentence.
    • The sentencing judge considered irrelevant factors or improper evidence​​.

Risks and Statistics

Appealing a sentence carries certain risks. Although the likelihood of an increased sentence is low, it is not negligible. Statistics show that approximately 8% of appeals result in an increased sentence. This usually happens in cases where the original sentence is significantly below the norm for similar offenses​​​​.

Legal Advice and Representation

Before deciding to appeal, it is crucial to consult with a legal professional. They can assess the strength of your case and the likelihood of a successful appeal without an increased sentence. Experienced solicitors will guide you through the complexities of the process and help you weigh the potential risks and benefits​​.

Factors Leading to Increased Sentences

An increased sentence on appeal often results from a CPS appeal arguing that the original sentence was unduly lenient. This can occur in serious cases such as violent crimes, sexual offenses, or significant drug offenses. The Attorney General can refer such cases to the Court of Appeal, which then has the discretion to increase the sentence if deemed appropriate​​.


Can my prison sentence be increased if I appeal? While there is a possibility, it remains rare and typically occurs only under specific circumstances. Consulting with a legal professional can provide clarity and help you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with an appeal.


  1. Can my prison sentence be increased if I appeal? Yes, but it is rare. The Court of Appeal can increase a sentence if it is found to be unduly lenient.

  2. What are the grounds for appealing a prison sentence? Common grounds include the sentence being unlawful, manifestly excessive, or based on incorrect facts.

  3. How likely is it that my sentence will be increased on appeal? Statistics show that about 8% of appeals result in increased sentences.

  4. Who can appeal against my sentence? The defendant can appeal, and the CPS can appeal if they believe the sentence is too lenient.

  5. What is an unduly lenient sentence? A sentence that falls outside the reasonable range of sentences for the offense and offender.

  6. What happens if the Court of Appeal finds my sentence unduly lenient? The court can increase the sentence, reduce it, or leave it unchanged.

  7. What is the process for appealing a sentence? Your legal team must seek leave to appeal, and the Court of Appeal will review the case.

  8. Can new evidence be presented during an appeal? Yes, the Court of Appeal can consider new evidence relevant to the grounds of appeal.

  9. What are the risks of appealing a sentence? Besides the risk of an increased sentence,

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