Canterbury County Court General Information

Canterbury Law Courts, known as the Canterbury Combined Court Centre, is an integral part of the UK’s judicial system. Located on Chaucer Road in Canterbury, this judicial building was officially opened in 1995 and is notable for its modernist architectural style. The court serves as both a Crown Court, dealing with criminal cases, and a County Court, handling civil matters. It was historically necessitated by the growing number of court cases in Canterbury, leading to the need for a dedicated facility. The building’s design is notable for its symmetrical frontage, featuring a gabled porch and a full-height glass atrium, accommodating ten courtrooms. This court has been the venue for significant trials, including the high-profile case of Callum Wheeler in 2022​​.

Canterbury County Court Building.

Contact Information for Canterbury County Court

  • Address: Canterbury Combined Court and Family Court Hearing Centre, The Law Courts, Chaucer Road, Canterbury, CT1 1ZA​​​​.
  • Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 8 am to 6 pm.
  • Telephone Numbers: General Enquiries – 0300 123 5577; Crown Court – 01227 819 200.
  • Email Addresses: County Court – [email protected]; Crown Court – [email protected]; Family Court – [email protected]​​.

Facility Features for Canterbury County Court

  • Accessibility: The court offers level access, disabled parking (limited spaces), two disabled lifts, and a portable hearing enhancement system.
  • Parking: Free public parking is available at or near the court.
  • Additional Facilities: 21 interview rooms, baby changing facilities, video conferencing, and wireless internet access are provided. The court also participates in the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower network​​.

Legal Areas Handled

Canterbury County Court deals with various legal matters including adoption, bankruptcy, childcare arrangements, crime, divorce hearings, domestic abuse, housing, money claims, and high court cases.

Summary of Canterbury County Court

Canterbury County Court, with its comprehensive facilities and range of legal services, plays a crucial role in the UK’s justice system. Its historic background and modern facilities make it an essential institution for legal proceedings in the Canterbury area. For more information on UK county courts, CLICK HERE.