HMP Deerbolt: Overview

HMP Deerbolt, established in 1973 on the site of a former army camp, is a Category C young offenders institution located near Barnard Castle, County Durham. It primarily accommodates male inmates aged 18 to 21 and has a capacity of around 500 prisoners​​​​.


HMP Deerbolt

History of HMP Deerbolt

HMP Deerbolt has a rich history, marked by several notable events. It opened in 1973, and over the years, it has experienced various disturbances and changes in management. The prison has dealt with riots, overcrowding issues, and several incidents involving violence and escapes​​​​.


Latest News About HMP Deerbolt

Recent news about HMP Deerbolt highlights ongoing challenges and improvements. The prison has faced issues such as staff shortages, drug smuggling, and violence among inmates. Efforts to enhance safety and rehabilitation programs continue to be a focus for the management​​​​.

General Information About HMP Deerbolt

HMP Deerbolt is designed to offer a range of facilities aimed at rehabilitation. The prison provides educational programs, vocational training, workshops, healthcare services, and sports facilities. These initiatives are geared towards equipping inmates with skills and support for reintegration into society​​​​.

What Type of Prison is HMP Deerbolt?

HMP Deerbolt is classified as a Category C prison. This designation means it is a training prison that offers various educational and vocational opportunities to inmates, helping them prepare for their release. The prison also has a significant focus on rehabilitation for young offenders​​​​.

Capacity and Inmate Categorisation at HMP Deerbolt

HMP Deerbolt can accommodate approximately 500 inmates. It primarily holds young adult male prisoners, generally aged between 18 and 21, who are serving sentences typically up to four years in length. The prison is known for its efforts to provide a supportive environment focused on rehabilitation and education​​​​.

Location of HMP Deerbolt

HMP Deerbolt is situated on Bowes Road, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 9BG. Its location on the outskirts of the historic market town of Barnard Castle offers a somewhat isolated yet conducive environment for rehabilitation activities​​​​.

Facilities and Services at HMP Deerbolt

HMP Deerbolt provides a variety of facilities and services, including:

  • Accommodation: Individual and shared cells with basic amenities.
  • Education and Vocational Training: Courses in literacy, numeracy, and vocational skills such as woodworking and metalwork.
  • Healthcare: On-site healthcare unit with medical professionals and mental health support.
  • Sports and Physical Activities: Access to sports facilities and organized activities promoting fitness and well-being.
  • Family Contact: Opportunities for family visits and maintaining relationships

FAQs About HMP Deerbolt

What is the history of HMP Deerbolt?

HMP Deerbolt opened in 1973 on the site of a former army camp and has since evolved into a young offenders institution with a focus on rehabilitation.

What type of prison is HMP Deerbolt?

HMP Deerbolt is a Category C training prison that provides educational and vocational training programs for young adult male offenders.

Where is HMP Deerbolt located?

HMP Deerbolt is located on Bowes Road, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 9BG.

What are the visiting hours at HMP Deerbolt?

Visiting hours at HMP Deerbolt are typically between 14:00 and 16:00 from Monday to Friday. It’s essential to check specific times before planning a visit.

How can I book a visit to HMP Deerbolt?

Visits to HMP Deerbolt can be booked by calling the prison’s booking line at 01833 633 349. Booking in advance is recommended due to limited visitor slots.

What educational programs are offered at HMP Deerbolt?

HMP Deerbolt offers a range of educational programs including basic literacy, numeracy, and vocational training courses in areas such as woodworking and metalwork.

What are the capacity and inmate demographics at HMP Deerbolt?

HMP Deerbolt has a capacity of around 500 inmates, primarily holding young adult male offenders aged 18 to 21.

What healthcare services are available at HMP Deerbolt?

HMP Deerbolt has an on-site healthcare unit staffed with medical professionals, offering primary healthcare services, mental health support, and substance abuse programs.

What vocational training is available at HMP Deerbolt?

Vocational training at HMP Deerbolt includes courses in woodworking, metalwork, and other skills aimed at enhancing employment prospects upon release.

How does HMP Deerbolt support inmate rehabilitation?

HMP Deerbolt supports inmate rehabilitation through education, vocational training, healthcare services, and organized sports and physical activities.

Summary and Conclusion

HMP Deerbolt is a vital institution focused on rehabilitating young adult male offenders through education, vocational training, and comprehensive support services. Located in Barnard Castle, County Durham, it plays a crucial role in helping inmates prepare for reintegration into society. With a rich history and ongoing efforts to improve conditions and opportunities for its inmates, HMP Deerbolt continues to be an important part of the UK’s correctional system.

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