Book a Prison Visit to Peterborough Prison

Book a Prison Visit to Peterborough Prison

Peterborough Prison is a privately managed facility in Westwood, Peterborough, accommodating both male and female residents. Operated by Sodexo, it stands as a hallmark of the UK’s diverse prison infrastructure​​.

Booking a Visit

How to Arrange a Visit

  • Social Visits: Available to all prisoners, these visits are booked internally by the inmates themselves​​.
  • Legal Visits: For face-to-face legal visits, contact [email protected]. Virtual legal visits can be arranged via [email protected] or by calling 01733 271631​​.
  • Purple Visits: Inmates can book video call sessions using the internal booking system​​.

Visiting times to Peterboroug prison

Visiting Times

  • Social Visits: Offered in the afternoon at 13:30 and 15:15, lasting one hour. Ensure registration on the prisoner’s ‘approved visitors’ list​​.
  • Legal Visits: Available Monday to Friday in 45-minute slots between 09:00-11:45 and 14:00-16:00. For face-to-face visits, laptops can be brought upon prior approval​​.

Required Documentation

Acceptable Forms of Identification

  • Social Visits: One photo ID from List A or one document each from Lists B and C. Visitors under 16 need an adult with valid ID​​.
  • Official Visitors: Different ID requirements apply, including official badges or documents relevant to the visitor’s profession​​.

HMP Peterboroug Prison Visiting Information

Visiting Guidelines

Before and During Your Visit

  • General Rules: Maximum of three adults per visit, from up to two different households. No property for prisoners allowed; postal service is available for sending items​​.
  • Dress Code: Visitors must dress appropriately. The prison enforces a dress code to ensure safety and decency​​.
  • Security Measures: Photo and fingerprinting required on the first visit. Metal detector checks and locker storage for prohibited items are mandatory​​.

Prohibited Items

  • Items related to smoking, ‘smart wear’, and other specific items are not permitted. Lockers are available for storing such items​​.

Address and Contact Information

  • Address: HMP YOI Peterborough, Saville Road, Westwood, Peterborough, PE3 7PD
  • Telephone: 01733 217500​​.

For detailed information on visiting regulations, visit the official Peterborough Prison website at Always confirm the latest guidelines and requirements with the prison before your visit.