What is Kirkham Prison Like?


What is Kirkham Prison Like? An Inside Look at the Lancashire Facility


If you’re wondering, “What is Kirkham Prison like?”, you’re not alone. With the UK prison system undergoing a tumultuous period, understanding the environment inside a specific facility is crucial. Located in Lancashire, Kirkham Prison has faced its own set of challenges, especially during the pandemic. In this guide, we explore the history, life for inmates, and current performance status of Kirkham Prison.

Brief History of Kirkham Prison

Opened in 1962, Kirkham Prison is a Category D men’s facility located southwest of Kirkham in Lancashire, England. The prison is operated by Her Majesty’s Prison Service and currently has a capacity to hold up to 630 inmates.


The prison is conveniently located on Freckleton Road, Kirkham, Preston, PR4 2RN, and is reachable at 01772 675400. The current governor of the facility is Alli Black.

What is Kirkham Prison Like?

What is Kirkham Prison Like?

Life in Kirkham Prison

Prison Conditions and Environment

Contrary to many other prisons facing overcrowding issues, Kirkham seems to manage its capacity well, with none of its estimated 494 inmates living in crowded accommodation. However, the facility has been impacted by a nationwide crisis described by the Prison Reform Trust as a “perfect storm” of rising populations and declining staff working conditions.

Current Performance Status

According to the latest official ratings, Kirkham Prison has seen a drop in performance. A recent report from the Ministry of Justice reveals a score of 59% for the year leading up to March 2023, categorised as a “good performance.” This is down from a rating of 79% in the 2019-20 financial year.

Addressing Challenges

The Prison Service spokesperson has said that where issues exist, intensive support is being provided. This includes recruiting extra staff, bolstering security, and expanding training and work opportunities for prisoners. Plans are also underway for the “biggest prison expansion” in over a century, aiming to build 20,000 new prison places.

News and Developments

Pia Sinha, CEO of the Prison Reform Trust, described the system as “chronically overburdened” and emphasised the need for urgent reform, pointing to factors like violence, self-harm, and poor living conditions.

Across England and Wales, only 13 out of 119 prisons evaluated received an “outstanding performance” rating. The number of prisons listed as a “serious concern” also increased, marking a slightly worsening situation.

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