Prison Inmate Search

Prison Inmate Search

Prison Inmate search is the process of trying to locate someone within the prison system. To be able to do this you can use the Locate a Prisoner service. Finding a prisoner in the UK can be difficult with hundreds of prisons that they could potentially be located in. Communicating with the prisoner can also be tricky if they get transfered out as communication is cut off before hand or without the prisoner knowing they are moving due to security.

To be able to find the person you are looking for in prison you will need to know some basic information about the prisoner. Including name, date of birth of prisoner, your address, date of birth, any other names theyve used and the reason you want to find them.


Find a prisoner

Prison Inmate Search UK

Prison inmate search is a process by which you can find information about individuals who are currently in prison in the UK and want to know which prison they are being held in. 

To perform a prison inmate search, you will need to submit a find a prisoner request form. You can do this here: PRISON INMATE SEARCH UK

It is important to note that not all inmate information is publicly available. In some cases, access to inmate records may be restricted due to privacy concerns or security reasons. Additionally, some prisoners may not want to release their location and will be asked prior to releasing this information to your search request.

In summary, prison inmate search is a process that can be used to find the prison location about individuals who are currently being held in prisons or jails within the UK. 

Once you compelte the form it can take up to 6 weeks to be get an answer as to the whereabouts of the individual you are searching for.

The government agency will contact you directly with the informaton should the prisoner be willing to release their location to you. The details will include which prison they are in, their details including full name and prison number so that you can contact them and request a visit etc.