HMP Low Newton: Comprehensive Overview & Key Facts

HMP Low Newton, a high-security women’s prison, is located on the outskirts of Durham city. Established in 1965, this facility has a rich history and plays a crucial role in the UK’s prison system.


HMP Low Newton

History of HMP Low Newton

HMP Low Newton was originally built in 1965 as a mixed remand centre, accommodating 65 males and 11 females. By 1975, additional accommodations expanded its capacity to 215. In 1998, the prison was re-designated exclusively for women and young offenders​​​​.


Current Role and Inmate Population

HMP Low Newton holds a capacity of 344 inmates and is managed by HMPS North East Region. The prison houses some of the UK’s most notorious female offenders, including those convicted of serious crimes like murder​​​​.

Location and Facilities Located in Brasside, Durham, HMP Low Newton is adjacent to HMP Frankland, a high-security prison for men. The facility includes various units, such as the unique Primrose Project, which treats women with dangerous and severe personality disorders​​.

Inmate Activities and Programs The prison provides a range of educational and rehabilitation programs aimed at reducing reoffending. Inmates have access to educational courses, vocational training, and therapeutic programs, including those focused on substance abuse and mental health​​.

Security and Notable Incidents HMP Low Newton is a high-security prison and has been the site of numerous notable incidents. It has housed several infamous inmates, such as Rose West and Joanna Dennehy, and has been involved in high-profile cases and security challenges​​​​.

Healthcare Services Healthcare at HMP Low Newton is provided by G4S Health Services, offering comprehensive medical care, including mental health services. The prison has been inspected to ensure that it meets legal standards and provides safe care and treatment​​.

Visitation and Communication Visitors to HMP Low Newton must follow strict guidelines, with visiting hours scheduled on specific days. Inmates have access to telephones in their cells, and communication is closely monitored to maintain security​​.

Conclusion HMP Low Newton remains a pivotal institution within the UK’s correctional system, providing specialized care for female offenders and addressing complex mental health needs. Its role in housing some of the country’s most dangerous women underscores its importance in maintaining public safety.


  1. What is the capacity of HMP Low Newton? HMP Low Newton has a capacity of 344 inmates.

  2. Where is HMP Low Newton located? It is located in Brasside, Durham, near HMP Frankland.

  3. Who manages HMP Low Newton? The prison is managed by HMPS North East Region.

  4. What types of inmates are housed at HMP Low Newton? It houses high-security female inmates, including those convicted of serious crimes like murder.

  5. What special programs does HMP Low Newton offer? The Primrose Project is a notable program for treating dangerous and severe personality disorders.

  6. Can inmates at HMP Low Newton make phone calls? Yes, inmates have phones in their cells and can make calls between 7:30 am and 9 pm.

  7. What are the visitation rules at HMP Low Newton? Visitors must register and follow specific guidelines, with visiting hours on selected days.

  8. Who are some notable inmates at HMP Low Newton? Notable inmates include Rose West and Joanna Dennehy.

  9. How are healthcare services managed at HMP Low Newton? Healthcare is provided by G4S Health Services, including mental health care.

  10. When was HMP Low Newton established? HMP Low Newton was established in 1965 and became a women’s prison in 1998.

Summary HMP Low Newton plays a crucial role in the UK’s prison system, providing high-security accommodations and specialized care for female offenders. Its comprehensive programs and stringent security measures make it a significant institution for public safety.

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