Do prisoners only serve half their prisn sentence in the UK? 

Do prisoners serve half their sentence

Do prisoners only serve half their sentence in prison in the UK? Prisoners are automatically released early at the half way point of their prison sentence. The government see this as a way to allow prisoners to be integrated back into society and the community whilst being monitored by the probation service. Even though the prisoner is released from prison, they are still on licence and should the prisoner reoffend or do something against their licence they could be recalled back to prison.

why are prisoners released half way through their prison sentence in the UK?

In the UK, you serve half your sentence custodial, actually inside prison, you serve the other half on licence. The justice system see this as beneficial as it allows them to see how you are back into society after serving part of your prison sentence. They say its beneficial rather than being too restrictive. It tests the behaviour of the offender to see if they offend again whilst under the close watch of probation. Should anything happen, back to prison they go.

Alternative views about why prisoners are released half way through their prison sentence is due to funding. Due to a lack of funding on the UK prison system means that the prisons are over crowded. Presently, prisons built in the victorian era which are not fit for purpose and cells build and suited for 1 person, all have 2 men in them. 

The conditions for prisoners having to share cells made for one, prisons well over capacity, not enough staff etc. Giving the ability for prisoners be be released from prison eases the pressure on the, already overcrowded, underfunded and understaffed prisons.