Which Prisons Do Sodexo Run?

Which Prisons Do Sodexo Run?

Which Prisons Do Sodexo Run? An In-Depth Guide to Sodexo-Operated Prison Facilities

Introduction: Understanding Sodexo’s Role in Prison Management

Sodexo, a French multinational company, has its hands in a multitude of sectors, one of which is the management of private correctional facilities. This raises the question: which prisons do Sodexo run? In this article, we will provide a detailed list of prisons managed by Sodexo, along with an overview of the services they offer within these establishments.

Which Prisons Do Sodexo Run?

Sodexo’s Entry into Prison Management

Founded in 1966, Sodexo expanded its services from food catering to facilities management, including the operation of private prisons. In 1994, they entered the UK market for custodial services and today they manage several prisons primarily in the United Kingdom, although they are involved in other jurisdictions as well.

List of Sodexo-Run Prisons

United Kingdom

  1. HMP Forest Bank – Located in Salford, Greater Manchester, this is a male prison with a capacity of over 1,400 inmates.
  2. HMP Peterborough – Situated in Cambridgeshire, this facility houses both male and female prisoners and has a capacity of around 840 inmates.
  3. HMP Northumberland – This is a male prison located in Morpeth, Northumberland, and it can hold over 1,300 inmates.
  4. HMP Bronzefield – Located in Ashford, Surrey, this is the UK’s largest female prison.
  5. HMP Forest Bank – Situated in Pendlebury, Greater Manchester, this prison has a capacity of nearly 1,500 prisoners.
Which Prisons Do Sodexo Run?

Services Offered by Sodexo in Prisons

Sodexo aims to go beyond mere custodial services. Their approach includes:

  1. Educational Programs – Skill development courses to help inmates rejoin society as productive members.
  2. Medical Services – Comprehensive healthcare, including mental health services.
  3. Vocational Training – Programs designed to make inmates employable after release.

Controversies and Criticisms

Like any private entity involved in prison management, Sodexo has not been without its share of controversies. Concerns have been raised about staff shortages, safety, and prisoner well-being. However, Sodexo maintains that they are committed to achieving high standards of care and rehabilitation in all their facilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Sodexo involved in prisons outside the UK?
    • While the company operates in multiple countries, their primary focus for prison management has been in the UK.
  • What kind of services do Sodexo offer in their prisons?
    • Services range from educational programs to healthcare services.


If you were wondering, “Which prisons do Sodexo run?”, we hope this guide has provided comprehensive answers. While Sodexo mainly operates within the UK, they offer a range of services aimed at prisoner rehabilitation and care.

Which Prisons Do Sodexo Run?