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Coventry County Court, officially known as Coventry Combined Court Centre, is a crucial legal institution located in Coventry, England. This court serves as both a Crown Court, dealing with criminal cases, and a County Court, handling civil cases. The court is situated at 140 Much Park Street, Coventry, in the West Midlands.

The Coventry Combined Court Centre was established to accommodate the growing number of court cases in Coventry, needing a facility for both Crown Court and County Court hearings. Built in 1988, the court was designed by the John Madin Design Group in a Modernist style, featuring concrete and glass at a cost of £5.3 million. The court has an asymmetrical main frontage with full height glass openings and accommodates six courtrooms.

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Coventry County Court is an integral part of the UK’s judicial system, offering a range of legal services. It covers areas like bankruptcy, divorce, housing possession, adoption, domestic violence, crime, children’s matters, and money claims. The court features facilities like baby changing, children’s room, assistance for disabled individuals, interview rooms, hearing enhancement facilities, and refreshments. For more detailed information about UK county courts, CLICK HERE.