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Ford Prison is situated in West Sussex and is classified as a Category D Prison. HMP Ford is part of HMP Prison Service and can hold over 544 inmates. The prison was a former RAF base before being converted into a UK Open Prison. The Prison is separated into 2 sections. The main houses the dinner hall and a section of single rooms from A wing to F wing. The other side of the prison is made up of army style billets. These house 2 men to a room. There is also an 2 induction units P1 and P2 billets. Ford Prison also allows you to access ROTLS which grant you release from the prison on licence. There are 2 types. ROR which is overnight resettlement and RDR which is Day release. Prisoners can also access employment with external companies whilst residing at ford. This is to help resettlement and for prisoners to have money behind them upon release.

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Ford Prison Phone Number: 01903663000

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Ford Prison
Ford Road
BN18 0BX

Ford Prison Information

HMP Ford is an open prison and is usually for prisoners coming towards the end of their sentence or less than 2 years remaining to serve. Being an open prison, prisoners are not locked up and instead have roll call multiple times a day and have to check in and out of the prison at the gatehouse when they leave for Work and ROTL from Ford. For people wishing to visit there is ample parking across the road. Ford Prison is classed as a working prison and all prisoners are assigned a role inside the prison until they get external work placements.

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