HMP Eastwood Park: Introduction

HMP Eastwood Park is a notable female prison located in South Gloucestershire, England. Established as a women’s prison in 1996, it plays a crucial role in the UK’s penal system, focusing on rehabilitation and support for female offenders. This article provides an in-depth look at HMP Eastwood Park, covering its history, facilities, latest news, and general information.


HMP Eastwood Park

History of HMP Eastwood Park

HMP Eastwood Park originally opened in the 1960s as a male juvenile detention centre. It later transitioned into a young offenders institution before being converted into a women’s prison in March 1996, replacing the old HMP Pucklechurch. Over the years, it has expanded its facilities to include a mother and baby unit and various specialised wings to cater to different needs of the inmates​​​​.


General Information about HMP Eastwood Park

HMP Eastwood Park is managed by HM Prison and Probation Service and is part of the South West region. The prison can house approximately 377 inmates and serves a wide catchment area including the South West, Wales, the West Midlands, and the South Coast. The current governor, Zoe Short, has been in charge since January 2022​​​​.

Capacity and Categorisation

HMP Eastwood Park is a closed category prison, which means it holds female prisoners who are considered to require a secure environment. It accommodates women aged 18 and over, including those with complex needs, mental health issues, and substance abuse problems​​​​.

Location and Accessibility

HMP Eastwood Park is located in Falfield, South Gloucestershire, about 8 miles from the nearest train station, Cam and Dursley. It is accessible by car and public transport, with local buses and taxis available for visitors​​.

Facilities and Services at HMP Eastwood Park

HMP Eastwood Park offers a range of facilities and services to support the rehabilitation and wellbeing of its inmates:

  • Accommodation: Multiple residential units with individual and shared cells equipped with basic amenities.
  • Education and Vocational Training: Courses in literacy, numeracy, IT, cookery, diversity, and more to enhance employment prospects.
  • Workshops and Employment: Opportunities in textiles, catering, and other vocational activities.
  • Healthcare: On-site healthcare unit with medical professionals, mental health support, and substance abuse programs.
  • Family Contact: Facilities for visits and maintaining family relationships, including secure video calls and email services​​​​.

Latest News and Reports

Recent inspections and reports have highlighted several issues at HMP Eastwood Park, including high levels of self-harm and mental health concerns among inmates. Efforts are ongoing to address these challenges, with initiatives aimed at improving conditions and increasing staff support​​​​.


HMP Eastwood Park continues to play a vital role in the UK’s criminal justice system, providing a secure environment for female offenders while focusing on rehabilitation and support. Despite challenges, ongoing efforts aim to improve the conditions and support systems within the prison.


  1. What is the history of HMP Eastwood Park? HMP Eastwood Park was originally a male juvenile detention centre before becoming a women’s prison in 1996.

  2. What is the capacity of HMP Eastwood Park? HMP Eastwood Park can house approximately 377 inmates.

  3. What type of prisoners does HMP Eastwood Park hold? HMP Eastwood Park holds female prisoners aged 18 and over, including those with complex needs and mental health issues.

  4. Where is HMP Eastwood Park located? HMP Eastwood Park is located in Falfield, South Gloucestershire.

  5. Who is the current governor of HMP Eastwood Park? The current governor is Zoe Short, who has been in charge since January 2022.

  6. What facilities are available at HMP Eastwood Park? Facilities include educational and vocational training, healthcare services, family contact options, and various workshops.

  7. What are the visiting hours at HMP Eastwood Park? Visiting hours vary, but typically include weekday and weekend slots. It is advisable to check directly with the prison for the latest times.

  8. How can I book a visit to HMP Eastwood Park? Visits can be booked online or by contacting the prison directly via phone or email.

  9. What recent issues have been reported at HMP Eastwood Park? Recent reports have highlighted high levels of self-harm and mental health issues among inmates.

  10. How does HMP Eastwood Park support inmate rehabilitation? Through education, vocational training, workshops, healthcare services, and family contact facilities.

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