HMP Eastwood Park

HMP Eastwood Park, located in the heart of Gloucestershire, England, is a significant facility within the UK’s prison system. Established in the late 20th century, this prison has evolved to become a key institution for female inmates. With a capacity to accommodate a substantial number of prisoners, HMP Eastwood Park is classified as a closed category prison. This classification indicates a secure environment, primarily focused on inmates who may pose a risk of attempting to escape.

HMP Eastwood Park

What is HMP Eastwood Park Like and Life Inside the Prison for a Prisoner

Life inside HMP Eastwood Park is structured to provide a secure, rehabilitative environment. The daily routine includes various activities aimed at personal development and rehabilitation. Educational programs, vocational training, and health services are integral parts of life here. The prison staff are trained to support the inmates in their journey towards rehabilitation, ensuring a balance between security and personal growth.

Directions to HMP Eastwood Park

Reaching HMP Eastwood Park is straightforward. The prison is accessible via major roads and public transport. For those driving, the prison is located near the M5 motorway, making it easily reachable from various parts of the country. Public transport options are also available, with local bus services providing regular connections to the prison.

How To Book a Visit to HMP Eastwood Park

Booking a visit to HMP Eastwood Park is a simple process. Visitors are required to book in advance. This can be done either online or by telephone. It’s important to note that all visitors must be pre-approved and are subject to security checks upon arrival.

HMP Eastwood Park Visiting Times

Visiting times at HMP Eastwood Park vary, typically encompassing weekdays and weekends. It’s advisable to check the specific visiting hours either on the official website or by contacting the prison directly. This ensures that visitors can plan their visit accordingly.

HMP Eastwood Park Address

The address for HMP Eastwood Park is:

HMP Eastwood Park,
Church Avenue,
GL12 8DB,
United Kingdom.

HMP Eastwood Park Telephone Number

For enquiries, the telephone number for HMP Eastwood Park is: [Insert Telephone Number]. This line can be used for booking visits, seeking information, or addressing any concerns related to the prison.

Book a Visit to HMP Eastwood Park

To book a visit to HMP Eastwood Park, you can either use the online booking system or call the prison directly. The online system is user-friendly and provides immediate confirmation of your booking.

HMP Eastwood Park Parking

Parking facilities are available at HMP Eastwood Park for visitors. The parking area is conveniently located near the visitor’s entrance, providing easy access to the prison. It’s advisable to arrive early to secure a parking spot, especially on busy visiting days.

HMP Eastwood Park Email Address

For non-urgent enquiries or communications, you can contact HMP Eastwood Park via email at: [Insert Email Address]. This is a convenient way to get in touch for general questions or to seek information about the prison and its services.